Cure Chronic Lyme

Cure Lyme disease and Coinfections



Things you will need 

Chapter 1 Introduction and Disclaimer 

Chapter 2 My Story 

Chapter 3 Dangers of Antibiotics and Why Doctors Can’t Treat Late-Stage Lyme 

Chapter 4 Diagnosis and Antibiotic Resistant Lyme Disease 

Chapter 5 Reducing Symptoms 

Chapter 6 Anxiety and herbs 

Chapter 7 Vitamin Deficiency 

Chapter 8 Detox Information (Liver, Pancreas, Gut & Controlling Insulin Levels) 

Chapter 9 Thick blood and Lyme disease 

Chapter 10 Cannabis Oil 

Chapter 11 Making Cannabis Oil 

Chapter 12 Why Cannabis Oil is Important For Positive Results

Chapter 13 Methylation 

Chapter 14 Testing Probiotics and Water 

Chapter 15 Hydration and Detoxing; Why It’s crucial to Lyme Patients 

Chapter 16 Babesia and Coinfections 

Chapter 17 Parasites, Testing and Alpha-gal Allergy 

Chapter 18 Mold, Morgellons and MRSA Staph Treatment 

Chapter 19 Breathing Techniques 

Chapter 20 Peanut Butter Pie Recipe When Treating Parasites 

Chapter 21 Lyme and Vaccines 

Chapter 22 Recovery Takes Patience 

Chapter 23 Genetic Markers, why Lyme is misdiagnosed & Lyme related diseases 

Chapter 24 Why Clinics May Not Be Useful 

Chapter 25 Exercise and Physical Therapy 

Chapter 26 Lyme and Chlamydiales/ Trachomatis “Like” Organisms  

Chapter 27 Conclusion 

Chapter 28 Lyme related diseases 

Chapter 29 Links and More Information 

Chapter 30 Cannabis dosage for Cancer and Rick Simpson Info 

Chapter 31 Best Tick Repellant and Poisons for Yard and Clothes 

Chapter 32 Chronic Lyme, Hormones, Gallbladder and Appendix 


This book is dedicated to

My wonderful grandmother

Emma Agnes Beam 9/11/1922 – 3/29/2008 You are my hero, you are my rock, I miss you every day. You are always in my heart. Your love gave me the strength to keep moving forward and never give up. It is a blessing to be your granddaughter. You taught me to laugh, to love, and most importantly to forgive! You also taught me that family is the most important people in your life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, they are still family.

 All I have ever wanted; was to become someone you would be proud of. You will be in my heart forever. I love you and miss you every day!

Also a special dedication to

Megan Parris                                                                                                                                          My husband, Chad
My son, Dustin

My family, friends, and surrounding communities who stood by me and my family through this difficult journey. Your love, support, friendship, and prayers are the reason I fought to find a cure.

To all of you, I thank you.

Due to the overwhelming love and support
I received during my years of tremendous struggle, I wrote this book to offer hope to those who suffer Lyme disease.

To past, present, and future fellow Lyme warriors, this book is dedicated to you. If I can prevent just one person from the torture I suffered, then I have been successful.

My heart is with you. God Bless You


Things You Will Need

Misc – Please check updates at bottom of page. I am adding the sprays for clothes and yards to keep ticks off you or your family.

I know this is a lot of information to read so I will give you the basics of what you will need before you read so you can get an idea of what each section is about.

Please read entire page and book before starting any treatment. This is very important for understanding the disease and treating properly.

Basics of main things you will need to treat

1) Parasites first (with Valbazen/Albendazole, please read section on parasites before starting any of this protocol, dosage and instructions are in the section) here is the link

Parasite Medication Liquid Albendazole link

2) Cannabis oil / Marijuana Oil (not hemp oil), instructions and pics are in that section, do not buy CBD oil only, it will not work. Please make your own, don’t get ripped off, it happens too often.

3) Flagyl – IV treatment is better or 1 2000 mg dose,  or 500 mg x 7 days. This is to treat any bacteria left behind by parasties.

 3) Detox during treatment, I have a lot of recipes and info to help but remember it’s important to use the NutraMedix  Burbur Detox during treatment.

(link to Amazon where I found it)

and NutraMedix Microbial defense

(link to amazon)

Also Livatrex. you can literally cut out alot of the detox recipes with this one. Please see instructions on the page

Instructions for Livatrex


4)Manuka Honey Kfactor 16+ for candida, mold/aspergillus or MRSA staph

If you finish treatment and do not feel 100% please have the candida antibodies test done. Candida antibody IGG, IGA, IGM test. You can request through


Chapter 1

Introduction and Disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE: I am not claiming this treatment will “cure” anyone. I will soon be replacing the word “cure” for the word “treatment”.

I believe I have cured my chronic Lyme disease.   Can I prove it?  No.  Can science prove it?  No.  Only time can and will prove that I am cured.

Lyme disease will present in our body, possibly, for the rest of our lives.  Presently, though, my Lyme disease is inactive after I followed the protocol outlined in this book.  I am currently symptom free.  I have no brain fog or other lingering issues after treating Lyme disease with this specific protocol.  There is, however, damage to my liver from long-term, over-prescribed antibiotics.   It may take me a long time to reverse the damage completely.   For now, though, the pain is better with specific herbs for the liver.  I am hopeful for a complete reversal of the damage.

I also follow an herb regimen for my digestive tract, as I also had minimal issues with multiple organs.   This may have been from the disease itself, or it may have been the antibiotics.  I would surmise probably a combination of the two.

I believe my protocol will give patients the best outcome if their disease hasn’t progressed to the point of no return.  I feel and fully believe that I was near death before I followed this protocol.  Yet, after following the protocol, I am here.  I am healthier now than I have been in well over eight years.  I, nor anyone else, can actually say how each individual’s body will respond to any treatment.  I am not treating anyone, and I am not a doctor.   I am not promoting drug use.  The protocol clearly states this is for medicinal use only.   Please, do not go against your doctor’s advice.  I do not and will not promote anyone going against medical advice. Be very mindful of your body and your limitations.  Get good medical advice from your own physician.   I am only stating what worked for me.   If you choose to follow this protocol, you will do so at your own risk.  Please know the law in your own state or area.  That is your responsibility. I personally decided to take a chance to live.  For me, it was worth the risk.  My goal is simply to provide the information and tools I used to get the best outcome. Good Luck!

Many patients experience brain fogginess and are unable to explain to their physician how they feel.  The physical pain and emotional states change like the wind.  It is my hope to help medical providers understand what their patients are experiencing.  Honestly, the patients know they are dying.  Very slowly.  Very painfully.

By following the protocol in this book the person or persons are responsible for their own care and cannot hold the author responsible for any outcome. The methods describe within this eBook are the author’s personal thoughts and treatment protocol. They are not intended to be a definitive set of instructions.

The information contained within this eBook is strictly for educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained in this eBook, you are taking full responsibility for your own actions.

This eBook contains information that is intended to help the readers be better informed consumers of health care. It is presented as general advice on health care. Always consult your doctor for your individual needs. Before beginning any new exercise program, it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your personal physician.

This book is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed physician. The reader should consult with their doctor in any matters relating to his/her health.

The author has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information within this book was correct at time of publication. The author does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from accident, negligence, or any other cause.

No part of this eBook may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.


 Chapter 2

My Story


It all started on a beautiful April day in 2008. I was stressed because my grandmother was very ill and had a massive heart attack a few days prior so I was rushing so I could go visit her before it was too late in the day. We knew she didn’t have long so every minute with her was a blessing.

On this particular day I was helping my husband at our Auto Repair shop and was moving a customer’s truck. When I moved the truck a little tick attached itself to me at the base of my neck along the hairline. I remember this like it was yesterday because it had only been 15 -20 minutes since I moved the truck. When I pulled it off I noticed a white spot on its back, and went on about my day, thinking nothing of it but called my husband to let him know in case of symptoms… I was taught what signs to look for like bull’s eye rash or flu like symptoms and didn’t have any of those symptoms for months. Nevertheless, I was way overloaded with stress because my grandmother is/was my rock and there was no stopping me. I was by her side as much as possible, no tick would stop me from seeing her. I would have given her my heart if I could. Within a week I had a tiny spot on my lower leg/shin. I assumed it was a hair bump but within 24 hours I thought I was going to lose my leg. I had a staph infection and I suddenly seemed allergic to every medication the doctor tried to give me. So my husband and I turned to the Internet and found Manuka Honey from New Zealand along with a few other protocols would cure MRSA Staph infections, (I am not a doctor, so follow your doctor’s protocol). I had it rush ordered and it healed up within 2 weeks with this treatment and I don’t have a scar. (it was red or discolored for a few years, I just kept sun block on it while I was outside). I shocked a lot of people and doctors. I thought, that was the end but it was only the beginning.

A few months later I was to the point I wasn’t feeling like myself and was becoming sensitive to foods, medicine and the environment. I literally couldn’t be outside if someone was burning old brush piles, if flowers blooming, basically everything I love about hiking was cut out and I had to resort to going to the gym. My doctor thought it was anxiety so he put me on low dose of Xanax, (thinking back now I wish I had refused) then eventually my back was hurting so he put me on a muscle relaxer, (wish I had refused it as well as both only covered up a lot of the symptoms). I remember one friend asking my husband and I if we wanted to meet up to see our favorite local band play and I always felt sick, sluggish, or too tired. This was not like me, we are very social and loved hanging out with friends when we could. I was always busy and had multiple jobs I loved. I believe it was 2004 I was hired as a lingerie modeling for Livi Rae Lingerie live fashion shows, (you may know them as “Double Diva’s” lifetime show) and worked on tour with a rock band with a very demanding schedule, and when home helped as much as possible with our mechanic shop and never slowed down. So I just thought I was putting too much on myself and needed to relax.

By 2010 I was working less and had the worst insomnia imaginable and nothing seemed to help me rest. I was going days without sleep and crash for only a few hours, but yet I was sure my symptoms would pass. I was sure I had a strong immune system and believed Doctors would know if something was wrong. Boy was I wrong. And Here is where my health literally gets crazy, I was carrying around 4 epi-pens because an allergist said I had alpha-gal allergy, which is an allergy to pork and red meat among 100’s of other things. This was terrifying because a serious allergic reaction could take 12-24 hours, or it could happen immediately and it feels like full blown Anaphylaxis I suddenly became allergic to 100’s of things I ate daily or was in contact with week to week, including nearly every medication known to man. I was literally afraid to try anything new and would spend hours at the store researching ingredients on all food labels. had a major seizure, black outs, and until recently I was having mini seizure throughout the day. I literally had every symptom of Lyme disease at its worst. This is where me and my husband started digging into research upon research and it all led us back to possible Lyme disease, which none of the 15+ doctors and nurses that treated me in office or hospital would even admit to believing it exist and basically turned me away when I mentioned it. Not everyone is affected the way I was. Everyone is different. Even a disease specialist ordered dozens of blood test and found nothing from the results and stated I needed a psych consult. Yet it took another 4 years, dozens of ER visits before I made appointment with a doctor who knew me before the Lyme disease, and thankfully she saved my life by ordering the correct blood test. It wasn’t even her specialty but because of relationship she agreed to do more tests.

The sad part is, even when the disease specialist from before told me I didn’t have Lyme or any other infection, but yet she found Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/Lyme marker POSITIVE. (Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is a tick borne disease caused by the bacterium Rickettsia Rickettsii. This organism is a cause of potentially fatal human illness in North and South America, and is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected tick species.) This was a tricky test, she had blood work drawn 2 separate days back to back. First day normal blood work, she even checked for heavy metal toxins, a scratch test done to rule out allergies and she was shocked I reacted to everything within seconds and they had to wash my back off with alcohol after only 3 minutes into the test because it felt like she poured acid on my back.  Second day was a Friday, I went back to her office and she ordered blood work for western blot test (RMSF/Lyme). (Something about the hyper sensitivities from my blood being drawn the day before helped the RMSF/Lyme to show its ugly face.) By Monday she called me to come back into her office immediately and gave me the news. I literally was in a state of shock because everything I knew about RMSF was worse than Lyme disease. I thought it was a death sentence. I was prescribed antibiotics for 3+ months and followed up with a doctor locally. I never dreamed anyone could live through the sickness I felt. I thought I finally got my life back but after stopping medication and curing the RMSF, I began a new battle with Lyme Disease and it was very angry at me.

A month after stopping treatment I went through what I call HELL week. With my case, Lyme disease cycles around every 28 days. No, this is not PMS for idiots that think is has anything to do with me being a female. This week was hard for everyone in the family. I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t walk or function, speech was slurred and my husband had to speak for me during that time, had more seizure type episodes, and would get angry or cry over nothing. Yeah sounds like the worst PMS in the world but no relief with a pain medication. So I went back to the doctor and tested 3 out of 4 positive markers for the Lyme disease but negative on RMSF blot test. After nearly killing myself trying to cure RMSF I had another battle to fight.

I started back on prescription medication and by end of August 2015 I was begging to die. Death would be so much easier in my mind. I hadn’t driven much throughout the year, couldn’t function and had to step away from any career goals. Friends and family were in constant struggle to help me find my way out of the sickness. I had no idea my body was shutting down but I took a more herbal approach at the end of August and said no more to antibiotics. I actually found an article about cannabis oil information. I went with this approach and it saved my life, but I was already having issues with food and was to point of not eating solid foods, I knew modern medication wouldn’t cure me, it was killing me faster than the Lyme disease could.

Like so many Lyme patients I was turning to anyone for advice. I took the oil for 6-8 weeks, probably the most potent antibiotic the earth ever made and big pharma tries to hide that information. I needed the CBD to cure Lyme and THC helped with herxing. I still ended up needing fluids but I argued with my doctors from the beginning I needed to be in the hospital on IV fluids and medications. I ended up in the hospital because the antibiotics had killed off all my good gut flora. My body couldn’t detox and was backed up from over prescribed prescription medication and the doctors abusing their right to treat patients. It’s so easy for a doctor to convince you they know what they are talking about. My Doctor said be ready to fight, he also asked if my marriage was strong enough to deal with this. (Yeah in sickness and in health was my vow). My doctor also warned me about co infections but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. His words were” this is equal or worse than treating cancer in most cases because the disease is virtually undetectable. Either way it had to be treated or I would be severely sick the rest of my life.

Remember as you go, “Doctors Practice Medicine”. This was something I needed to hear from the beginning.


 Chapter 3

Dangers of Antibiotics and

Why Doctors Can’t Treat Late-Stage Lyme


Rocky Mountain fever, Lyme disease, HME, and POW is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease worldwide. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has estimated 300,000 people per year are infected with vector-borne illness, but I believe the numbers are, at a minimum, triple that amount. Research data is greatly lacking, and the infected patients are left to fight for their very lives without help from doctors, hospitals, or other medical professionals. Through my personal experience, I realized that if doctors or medical professional treat the disease as a chronic illness and prescribe antibiotics for longer than the recommended 28 days, they may find themselves sitting in front of the medical board facing a possibility of losing their license. Therefore, most doctors may feel forced to turn away patients without any help. Actually, a majority of the medical profession will say they don’t believe the disease exists. And, if they do believe it, an admission is not easily forthcoming.

Listen up. This devastating disease does exist. The bacteria can sometimes be referred to as Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), Lyme Disease, Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (HME), (I will give an explanation at the end of this article of each one of the mentioned tick born infections/diseases) which affects both humans and animals. You can get any of these diseases if you are bitten by an infected tick.   It happened to me. It is debilitating. It wreaks havoc on your entire body.  It may progress slowly, or it may take a more aggressive nature. It may even remain dormant until something triggers an attack. A common cold, the flu, a vaccination, or even a stressful event may send the disease into an all-out attack.

While the medical boards, pharmaceutical industries, or any entity not allowing patients to be treated long term may seem grim, what if this were a blessing in disguise? Let me share my thoughts on this with you. Long-term antibiotics are dangerous, not to mention the possibility of a new epidemic of Lyme disease being antibiotic resistant. Now, I’m certainly not saying if you contract the disease not to treat it with antibiotics. You have a limited window to treat this disease effectively with the antibiotic Doxycycline (only a few antibiotics are effective in early stages). This window for treatment usually needs to be within the first six months of contracting the disease, and you would possibly need about a six-week course of medication. Having said that, the antibiotics may not be effective, can be difficult on your body, and can possibly cause you to feel extremely sick.  Unfortunately, many people do not know when they were bitten, and sometimes it can take years for the disease to even cause health issues.

It addition to the aforementioned potential problem with long-term antibiotic use, antibiotics may cause damage to organs. This can allow your body to become open to cancers, parasites, and more. In fact, most Lyme disease patients I have spoken with have parasite infections and/or cancer after treatment with antibiotics and/or herbs. I personally was on antibiotics for about 10 months and had to stop because of severe liver damage. The antibiotics were causing my body more harm than good.

Within four months of starting antibiotics, I developed melanoma (skin cancer) on the back of my hand. Months later, I learned I had parasites. I am not speaking about Babesia or microorganisms that are part of the coinfections of Lyme Disease.  I am speaking about intestinal parasites like roundworms. According to my personal research, roundworms the most common parasite. Roundworms are found in approximately 80% of patients. This is a serious issue. I was told by over a dozen doctors that people rarely get parasites, and they all refused to treat me. I really believe my labs were falsified. Let me explain why. The very same fecal sample I took to nearby medical facilities, I also sent some of the same sample to the top lab in the US that specializes in parasite testing. The parasite lab confirmed a large infestation of roundworms. The local medical facilities were ready to give me legal papers for insanity. I am very thankful that I knew of a lab that could help. Within days, I was able to get the medication needed to treat the parasites.

Back to Lyme disease. With many diseases or illnesses, medical professionals are allowed leeway for treatment. They are allowed to treat the patient as medically necessary in addition to helping the patient stay comfortable. With Lyme disease, these extremely sick patients are not only left to fight their own battles. They are also left to do so while being so debilitated and in so much pain that it is not physically possible to do so.

Now for the GOOD news. You have this book. I will go over every step I personally took to treat and cure myself. I know many of you are skeptical over the word “cure.”  That’s perfectly okay.  Let’s call it a treatment protocol.  When you have finished the protocol, then you can decide if it’s a cure. I certainly can’t guarantee my protocol will work on everyone, because everyone is different. Each individual may not do each step correctly or may skip a step.  I am simply providing the information so that others may have the same chance at a complete recovery. God Bless and good luck. My prayers are with you.

First of all, ticks can carry 100’s of different types of bacteria that is harmful to both humans and animals, but I will explain the main types of Bacteria ticks can carry, with a quick google search you can find these definitions but I wanted to add them here.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is a tick-borne disease caused by the bacterium Rickettsia Rickettsii. This organism is a cause of potentially fatal human illness in North and South America, and is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected tick species.

Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (HME), is caused by Ehrlichiachaffeensis, a type of bacteria known as rickettsia, and is transmitted to humans by the bite of the lone star tick Amblyomma americanum. Unlike Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis is considered an acute infection without chronic long-term consequences (I do not agree, left untreated this can cause long term consequences). This can affect both humans and animals. 

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi (B burgdorferi). Black-legged ticks and other species of ticks can carry these bacteria. The ticks pick up the bacteria when they bite mice or deer that are infected with B burgdorferi. You can get the disease if you are bitten by an infected tick. 

Powassan (POW) virus is transmitted to humans by infected ticks. Powassan Virus can infect the central nervous system and cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and meningitis (inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord). Approximately 60 cases of POW virus disease were reported in the United States over the past 10 years. Approx 10% of Powassan virus leads to death.

These are only a few examples, but all can be treated with this protocol



Chapter 4

Diagnosis and Antibiotic-Resistant Lyme


 There are many reasons I believe the new Lyme disease epidemic is so severe. The main reason is because doctors have not been treating the disease aggressively enough in the early stages of the disease. Most patients treated in the early phase only receive a two-week course of antibiotics. They are told this will cure the disease, or they may be told to follow up with another doctor. It isn’t until months or years later the disease may very well present itself or progress into a chronic illness. These are the patients that become severely ill. These severely ill patients may then be given more antibiotics and end up being overmedicated. This can result in major damage. If patients are given a six-week course of medication within the first six months of becoming ill, the disease may be treatable. If not treated early enough, though, the disease will progress and become resistant to most, if not all, medications.

Another reason the disease may be missed completely is the late stage in which the patient presents for medical help. Sometimes the patient has simply waited too late, and the disease has progressed too far. At this point, the disease has possibly attacked the entire body. This leads to difficult detection with normal labs. Far too many times, a misdiagnosis will lead to a patient being treated for depression, pain, or any number of other illnesses. Unfortunately, this may go undetected for months, and, in some cases, years.

In order to get a proper diagnosis in the late stage, you have to trick the disease, so to speak, by aggravating it. The way to do this is by drawing blood for a full panel on the first day. The following day, you test the patient for Lyme, including Western Blot testing. Still, there is no guarantee you will get a positive result. Sadly, by this stage, most antibiotics won’t work, even if you had never treated the disease in the early stages. Therefore, when a patient starts an antibiotic regimen, the patient’s health is on a rollercoaster ride from hell. Coinfection after coinfection will begin to manifest until the patient has organ damage. Far too many times, the patient will give up.

Unless you have suffered from this horrible disease, you have no idea what the patient is dealing with. They are fighting a losing battle and praying for a miracle.  I very well remember begging my husband to “Please let me go.” I was too tired and too sick to keep fighting. My body was shutting down. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew it. I felt it.  The disease had attacked my body, and now it was attacking my brain. It is terrifying to know that even your brain is deteriorating and not functioning. I could not remember my life before Lyme. I remember looking in the mirror, and I didn’t recognize the face in the mirror. I was almost to the point of not recognizing my own son. A 15-year-old was watching his mother die, day after day, year after year. Yet, this wonderful 15-year-old managed to stay brave for his mother and give her a reason to keep fighting.

My disease had become antibiotic resistant. I believe I would have died had I not somehow gleaned the knowledge that the medical profession was clueless on how this disease progresses. I read an article where a doctor died from Lyme disease. His own peers were not able to help him. Now, that’s scary. Actually, it’s terrifying, if you ask me

Let’s get back to antibiotic-resistant Lyme disease. In short, this means that antibiotics have not been able to kill all the bacteria and microorganisms. This leaves the bacteria to duplicate at a much faster pace once the medication has been stopped. When a patient stops the medication, even if only for a few weeks, the disease mutates into a stronger, more complex disease. With every change of antibiotic or treatment regimen, the disease will progress as it learns to adapt and strive. Without proper protocols, the patient could die. At a minimum, the patient could end up needing 24-hour care. Many patients become immobilized. Some become confined to a wheelchair or may even be bedbound. Some patients will begin an herbal regimen to help them fight the disease. In time, though, they will need more to keep the disease at bay. Ultimately, the disease takes over, and they no longer have the strength to fight.

 Another reason the disease progresses so fast is that many patients are sensitive to medications, foods, and environmental triggers. When this happens, they are usually prescribed antihistamines, epi-pens, and steroids to treat this. Steroids and Lyme are best friends. Let’s think about this. If steroids make you stronger, can’t they certainly make the disease stronger and more aggressive? Once you introduce steroids into a Lyme patient’s body, the disease mutates. This will cause more toxins which cause more reactions, and therein lies the problem. The merry-go-round that won’t let the patient off. The doctors keep prescribing steroids or inhalers, because they believe this helps the symptoms. There have been a few patients I have spoken to personally who were put on low dose steroids and antihistamines for many years. The antihistamines will reduce inflammation and will help with reactions, so this is probably okay. The epi-pens in an emergency situation are necessary as well. Just use caution. If you need to use an epi-pen, call 911 or go to the closest emergency department immediately.

Prior to beginning the protocol, be aware that you may not need all of the things listed in this book. Listen to your body, and listen to your heart. You have to be your own health advocate.


 Chapter 5

Reducing Symptoms


For anyone that is extremely sick, can’t function or understand this enough to make your medicine, there is something to help your symptoms that works temporarily.

Coconut oil pills can help right away but will not cure you, also Ultimate Monolaurin created by Inspired Nutrition, which is the one I consider to be much better.

Be careful with the Monolaurin because once you take it your doctor will believe you are well but this medicine only works temporarily to help with thinking, walking, taking and other motor skills etc. Start with a very low dose of monolaurin and work yourself up. It can cause massive herxing if you take it too fast.


Migraine -To help a migraine when you can’t take pain killers or medicines. Use Rosemary oil in oil burner or boil and steam rosemary herb, and you can use lavender oil topically; put a tiny dot on your finger and rub between eyebrow pushing oil upward to The third eye; also known as the inner eye, and temples, not the whole forehead. this worked when ice packs stop working. You can also take is Junifer mug word herb.  If you use oil don’t use icepack, use icepack before the oil. This stopped my migraine in less than 10 minutes. You can also cut and smell a fresh lemon.

Constipation– Cascara Sagrada herb once before bedtime and I also take fiber.

Anemia– Methyl B-12, Folate, Iron

Lyme Disease – you can take the following if you don’t agree with Cannabis Oil protocol but I cannot say how effective it might be. Niacin amide and Astragaws

Osteoporosis– Strontium Boron, Vitamin C (ESTER C)

Manic Depressive– Yeah Lyme can cause mental issues. Herbs to take are, Zinc, Reishi Mushroon Tea, boil at night before bed to help relax, this is only for people having issues with emotions and mood swings while you are healing


 Chapter 6

Anxiety and Herbs


Please use caution and only try one herb at a time until you know how your body will respond and Please do further research before trying any new herb or medication


Is a sedative; Germany has approved it for nervous restlessness. Some studies find that it can reduce symptoms of anxiety as effectively as prescription drugs. It’s often used for insomnia. It can cause sleepiness and drowsiness
Eat omega-3s

There was a study in which students who took 2.5 milligrams a day of mixed omega-3 fatty acids for 12 weeks had less anxiety before an exam than students taking placebo.

Other good choices to get these omega-3’s are anchovies, sardines, and mussels.

Lemon balm

Named after the Greek word for “honey bee,” lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), reduce stress and anxiety, and help with sleep.

The sedative compound in hops is a volatile oil, so you get it in extracts and tinctures—and as aromatherapy in hops pillows.

L-theanine (or green tea)

Research shows that L-theanine helps curb a rising heart rate and blood pressure, and a few small human studies have found that it reduces anxiety.
Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils. Here are other benefits of Lavender (please research the many benefits of Lavender, I now have 10 bottles at all times for use around the house.

Here are some benefits of Lavender

Calming – rub on hands and cup hands together and take deep breathes

Sleep aid – rub a drop of Lavender oil on your palms and smooth on your pillow to help you sleep.

Bee sting / Insect bite = Put a drop of Lavender oil on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching reduce swelling. Wish I had known this years ago.

Minor burn – this one is cool. Put 2-3 drops Lavender oil on a minor burn to decrease pain.

Cuts– Add a drop Lavender oil on cut to clean, kill bacteria and stop bleeding

Nausea or motion sickness= use drop behind the ears or around the navel.

Nosebleed – use a drop of lavender oil on a tissue and wrap it around a small chip of ice under nose but do not let it get so cold it causes pain.

Dry or chapped skin -use directly on area

Hay fever. Use the cup method and drops on hand

Dandruff- Rub several drops of lavender oil into the scalp, or add to shampoo or conditioner.

Cold sores- put directly on cold sores


Proven to significant decrease in anxiety symptoms compared to patients taking placebo.

Bacopa monnieri,

This helps the body adapt to new or stressful situations

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora)

Skullcap is the anxiety remedy for people who experience anxiety along with restlessness, muscle tension, and jaw clenching.

Kava kava (Piper methysticum)

The most famous anti-anxiety herb, and with good reason. It’s a powerful remedy is proven to be effective in reducing anxiety, as compared to a placebo. Kava kava is more sedating and hypnotic than passionflower and skullcap, and some people find that it creates a blissed-out feeling. It has an intriguing taste that almost numbs your mouth, and has a long tradition of ritual use in Polynesia as well as medicinal use for its sedative and pain-relieving properties.

Serene Slumber tea

Can help lull you into a restful slumber with the sweet aromas of rose and lavender. Skullcap, Chamomile, and Lavender are traditionally used to help calm the mind and body. This delicious blend of herbs lets you unwind and prepare your body for a good night’s rest. Sip and be well!


Chapter 7

Vitamin Deficiency


Please pay attention to your skin and color. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/LYME disease destroys your vitamin B and D extremely fast and a lot of times patients can’t take supplements. This leaves u pasty as in color of your skin unable to be in the sun at all without having allergic like reactions, extremely fatigue or weakness. I have yet been able to find a way to restore Vitamin D before I treated and cured my disease but once I treated the disease and was symptom free, I was able to take supplement’s again. Please try supplements before the disease is too advanced. Please don’t start treatment until you are 100% sure it is tick related. If your skin color is yellow/greenish go to the doctor or ER to have your liver checked, this can happen suddenly or over time. Receiving IV fluids and proper observation from your doctor is crucial to reversing damage due to over use of antibiotics or damage from the disease itself, even parasites can be the main source of damage. More to come about how common parasites are in Lyme patients.

Things to look for in blood work are vitamin deficiency, vitamin D and cholesterol levels. Early detection of this is crucial. Depending on the patient these may be the first sign something is majorly wrong.  Low Vitamin D Levels and high cholesterol usually indicates the disease is progressing, and cholesterol medication doesn’t usually help, it actually made me sick. As for Vitamin levels, even if your labs show there are in normal range, you may need to take a closer look. If your vitamins and minerals are on the low side. If they are low, then you need to start vitamins right away because these numbers will keep going down as the disease progresses. Most Lyme patients also present with low sodium, potassium and magnesium as well, although Potassium deficiency is usually the first thing doctors detect. Yet most doctors usually say eat more potassium. Go figure. They just don’t usually think to look further for what is causing the potassium deficiency.



Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Detox Information

(Liver, Pancreas, Gut & Controlling Insulin Levels)

If you have done antibiotic treatment you could have damage to the liver without knowing. So at any time during treatment you feel brain fog, nausea, vomiting, droopy eyes, personality changes, pain in abdomen and excessive bloating there are a few things to do to see if you have one or both of following problems. Within a few hours or less you could start reversing these symptoms. Also problems with Pancreas and Liver could be parasites, so consider the lab from Arizona. Parasitology Center Inc.

1) Your pancreas could be over producing insulin (if this is happening you can try eating raw fruits and vegetables and will probably notice within a few hours, if not immediately, that you feel better; I drink V8 juice when this happens) If you feel better try adding Ceylon Cinnamon to your daily diet. Ceylon Cinnamon is excellent to regulate insulin. I love herbal teas, mainly for the healing powers of many. I will mix 2 or 3 types of tea and sweeten it with Manuka honey and Ceylon Cinnamon.

2) **** A must! Your liver could have damage that isn’t showing up on labs. This means you need to detox and repair your liver. There are 2 herbs you can get that are considered to be the best for Lyme Disease patients. Burber detox and Samento Microbal defense works but sometimes you will need more to help. Here are several herbs and foods to have on hand for the liver.

Raw Vegetables, Ginger Root, Bananas, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle, Vitamin E, Turmeric, Black Seed Oil.

However, the more research I have done I found Livetrex to work the easiest and fastest, and to be the least inexpensive and least aggravating cleanse/detox. It will actually break up gall stones, kidney stones, and any cholesterol or toxins built up in the Liver and help clear out the gallbladder, pancreas and colon as well. I also never experienced herxing while taking it but I took it a few months after treatment. I went from being sluggish, tired, to nonstop after the first week treatment with Livetrex. I felt so much better. I accomplished in 1 week what took months to achieve through other ways but you will still need the burbur detox and microbial defense as it woks differently.

Back to Livetrex; You will need the 3 step kit for after treating parasites and then another after treatment of Lyme is complete. I ate like I normally do and just added the Livetrex but they offer more detox items as well. Like Renaltrex and full body detox and cleanses. I have only used the Livetrex and Renaltrex. Here is the link and they have instructions to help and I also ordered the AloeFusion but it doesn’t mean you need it.

Add single bottles if you like (you can actually add this to juice, water, V8, or tea as a daily treatment.)


 Adding avocado seeds (grated) or Avocado, to any of the following recipes can be very beneficial to healing.

Avocado seeds are very good super food with so many benefits. The seeds are loaded with vitamins including; Potassium, Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, Vitamin A, B1, B2, and B3.

Vegetable juice helps cleanse the liver and reduce inflammation. Dead cells and microorganism die off can cause liver damage, multiple organ failure over time and many other dangerous conditions. By ridding the body of these toxins and dead cells, you allow your organs to heal and function properly.

Cilantro and ginger are both great for detoxifying the liver and supporting the immune and digestive systems.

Liver Detox Juice Recipe
1/2 beet (medium size)
6 celery stalks or 1 cucumber
1/2 cup fresh cilantro
1/4 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp or less ginger (ginger can be very strong)

Add all ingredients to vegetable blender. Add ice if you want a smoothie and drink.

Pineapple, cucumber, apple, orange and Aloe Vera smoothie

This smoothie is loaded with vitamins and is also a natural anti-inflammatory remedy

To make this you will need:

2 slices Fresh pineapple

¼ Cucumber unpeeled

¼ Apple (any kind you like)

Aloe Vera leaf (about 2 -3 in peeled)

Juice of one orange

Cut the pineapple and cucumber, remove the apple core and peal the aloe vera leaf. Put all ingredients into a blender or food processor, add a ½ to 1 cup of water and blend (add ice if you want it cold). Finally add the juice of one orange.

You should have this colon-cleansing juice twice a day or as you would like. I personally used just pineapple and aloe vera plant mix.

Juices that cleanse the colon: ginger

This is very effective in removing toxins easily and improving our gastric and intestinal health. It is also an anti-inflammatory and can improve digestion.

It is very simple to make; you only need:

washed and peeled ginger root

A glass of water

Add Aloe if you like

Chop up the ginger and place in a blender or food processor, add the cup of water and blend. Strain the juice and drink it preferably between meals. If you need to sweeten it, add a little Manuka honey Kfactor 16, never use the Factor 21 or higher orally. This will also help heartburn, reflux, nausea or digestion problems.

Juices to cleanse your colon:

strawberry, pineapple and parsley

These have a great diuretic power and antioxidant content.

You will need:


Fresh pineapple

One tablespoon fresh parsley

add aloe if you like

Wash and blend to taste

Detox: lemon water

Room Temperature lemon water first thing in the morning before eating is a great way to detox your body and is a favorite of mine because of it being so simple to have on hand.


Chapter 9

Thick Blood and Lyme disease

Thick Blood – Doctors will say this isn’t a big deal. I am here to tell you that with chronically sick patients this is a very big deal. Thick blood will clot too fast causing difficulty in drawing blood for labs. Another problem is trying to keep an IV in a patient needing fluids without rupturing their vein. I personally went through 9 IV’s in 4 visits to the hospital before I knew what was going on. It wasn’t until my last visit to the ER one of the technician mentioned my blood looked thick She was the 4th person within 10 minutes to try to draw blood for a liver function test.

Also having “Thick Blood” can be more difficult on your body especially your heart. The heart becomes stressed because it has to work harder to keep blood flow to your organs.

There are several things that can be the cause of thick blood including trauma, parasites, over prescribed antibiotics. Thankfully if you have thick blood issues there are some herbs to add to help with this. I treated this with baby aspirin at first until I could get my hands on the right herbs. I do not suggest that anyone take baby aspirin without consulting your physician. That’s if your physician will speak to you about your illness.

The 2 herbs I now take are




Chapter 10

Cannabis Oil

 Remember for this treatment protocol to work effectively, you need to attack the disease as aggressively as it has attacked you, for best result. Taking only a few drops a day will take months to treat. I worked myself up to a high dose and allowed my body to rest and heal. I didn’t like the feeling of the medicine but it was better than the way Lyme Disease made me feel. You may not need the same dose as me but I go over dosage in another chapter. I will repost this in another section, so the patient doesn’t forget.

Let’s just start with how desperate I was. One night my nausea and insomnia was so bad I was ready to just die. Death would be so easy and the pain would be gone. Luckily I knew someone who could help and went against everything I ever believed. I took dry cannabis (I put some in a capsule and took it, I don’t recommend this but I thought I was highly allergic). Within 20 mins I was able to eat real food and was able to close my eyes and sleep for the first time in years. I had never really known much about cannabis except it was an illegal drug and as a teen it never sat good with me.

I have always been against cannabis, and seeing friends and family ruin their lives over drugs, I was totally against anything to do with any illegal substances.

After doing more research I read about the healing power of cannabis, but not in the way the stoners use it but as an oil. I knew smoking it wouldn’t treat the disease but the more I read about cannabis oil and how effective it is, and it has cured cancer and used to treat seizure patients, so I went ahead and took a leap of faith.

I started reading and learning more about CBD and THC oil and treatment. There was so much confusion on this and that percent of CBD and THC, I felt like I would never understand that part but I learned it wasn’t that important.  Within a few days I decided to just make the oil and try it to see what happened. So I was able to get my hands on enough to try it for about a week. Problem was trying to make it, because with my brain fog, nothing made since. Luckily there were plenty of video’s online to watch and learn, and I could pause the video and go step by step without missing a beat. I had never met anyone who had actually tried Cannabis Oil for Lyme disease, but it was proven to cure cancer, what was the harm in trying to cure Lyme??

An example of the power of cannabis oil; within 2 weeks I quit taking muscle relaxers and pain meds because I didn’t need them. I quit smoking (Cannabis Oil cures addiction, I had been smoking 20+ years). I didn’t need a low dose of Xanax and quit taking it after 10 years. There was literally no downside to trying it. For me anyway. And if you’re worried about becoming addicted to THC (this was a concern I had as well), I didn’t become addicted, it was quite the opposite. The healing part of the oil is the CBD and THC helps with herxing and pain. Please remember that CDB is what treats you, but I believe CBD and THC treats faster, either way it’s impossible to extract CBD from the plant before you make the oil. However, I did notice the last time I took the Cannabis Oil it made me really exhausted, if this happens it means you need to lower your dose and take a few weeks to stop taking it completely, some may need a few extra weeks if they had antibiotic treatment for way too long, like I did. Never stop a treatment suddenly, it is too difficult for your body because you may still need a few weeks to few months to get all your energy back. Don’t rush this process, you could relapse if you rush it. Always work at your own pace, rest when your body needs it. Remember most people are sick for a long time before treatment or diagnosis. Look at it this way, if it took 8 years before you were diagnosed you should give your body one week per month to heal minimum, and it could take longer, depending on each individual.

I wanted to make my story available to everyone so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made, and until doctor’s start treating it again. And because the Cannabis is illegal in many states, you may want to take a few months off and visit family or friends in states where it is legal to protect yourself. I was lucky enough to have friends from all over US willing to help me. This is better to do with a doctor on hand to administer treatment and watch over you, but the problem here is, doctors don’t seem to know enough about Lyme disease, so patients are left to fight the battle alone. In the past 3 months alone I have had several friends ask about treatment, and sadly I could only give them the information to decide themselves on which treatment they went with. They only asked because doctors haven’t started treatment and a few doctors stated treating Lyme disease might actually make the disease worse. Let me repeat that last part; a few doctors stated treating Lyme disease might actually make the disease worse. Again this is because doxycycline actually can’t fight the disease as a whole, causing you to notice and feel how disabling the disease gets. I personally couldn’t take the right dosage of antibiotics orally so I was never going to get better. I believe if the doctors would have put me in the hospital and followed a proper protocol of IV fluids, medication, monitored my vitamin and minerals more closely, along with treating the parasites I would have had a better chance of a full recovery in the beginning. But my doctor stated, “he doesn’t do hospital treatment because more often than less, the staff won’t listen to the doctors.” His words, not mine. That being said, there is no real way to know if being treated in the hospital would have actually done me any good. 


Chapter 11

Making Cannabis Oil

Before beginning make sure you have been tested and have read the parasite section in this book, it could save your life. I didn’t realize Lyme and parasites go hand in hand and nearly died from roundworm infestation.

Cannabis Oil Ingredients and tools-

Rice cooker

Metal wire strainer

Coffee pot filters (preferably not dyed white they should be brown)

Wooden spoon

Rubber spatula

Ceramic bowl

4-1 Quart glass jars

190 proof alcohol (Don’t worry the alcohol cooks down and evaporates leaving only the medicine)

Organic coconut oil

Latex gloves or non-latex gloves

Fan (to keep fumes away)

4 funnels

at least 6-10 syringes

3-4 oz. to a lb. of cannabis plant (it took about a lb to cure my Lyme disease).

Quick note before you begin: It takes about 2 liters of alcohol to wash 4 oz. of cannabis.

When you are done with making the oil, the cannabis is no longer any good so throw out the chopped and crushed pieces.

In Chronic cases it can take 4-8 weeks but u will be resting the whole time. Keep water beside u at all times.

You will need about a lb. to cure Lyme and all coinfections.


Break or cut up the cannabis, kind of like parsley would look ground up. Put dry Cannabis into a glass or ceramic bowl, add 190 proof alcohol, enough to completely cover the cannabis in the bowl. Crush the cannabis and stir for at least 5 minutes with wooden spoon. Strain into glass or ceramic strainers, then put cannabis mixture into ceramic or glass bowl and repeat soak and crush procedure for at least another 5 minutes.

Set the quart size glass jars up with funnels lined with the coffee filters and pour strained mixture into funnels for final straining process this may take some time, so change filters as they get stopped up.

Take final mixture that is soaking and strain and mush as much as u can out of the wire strainer and squeeze to get it all out, every drop is medication.

After the straining, pour mixture into rice cooker and turn on high use the fan (facing rice cooker) to circulate fumes away from you in an open area, fumes are extremely flammable so use caution, DO NOT LIGHT A CIGARETTE OR MAKE A SPARK ANYWHERE.

If all the mixture doesn’t fit add more as it boils down. Keep a watch on it and allow to cook down, don’t stir. Each ounce of cannabis that is used will make about an ounce of oil.

The rice cooker will automatically shut down too low. Add about 3-4 drops of water to mixture and stir it with rubber spatula. Depending on the cannabis it may take a while for all the bubbles to dissipate. This is the alcohol evaporating or boiling off. Make sure you let this cook until you don’t see any bubbles. Keep on low heat until they are completely gone, not cooking long enough can result in complications and the patient could become extremely sick if alcohol isn’t completely evaporated while cooking it.

At this point take the mixture off the heat and there are 2 different ways to finish the product.

First way is to draw up the oil in a syringe while still warm. You can buy pill blanks to add the oil to, but remember to start with a drop or size of grain of rice. It should thicken but it still be easy to add to pill blanks. If syringe hardens you can run under hot water to soften the mixture.

Second way. same as above but add coconut oil (if you have 3 oz. of cannabis use 3 oz. of coconut oil) coconut oil does help with Lyme, but it does help with yeast overgrowth, you just have to add extra to the pills to compensate for coconut oil.


Please start as low dose as you can. By slow, no more than the size of a grain of rice, this is potent medicine. the THC will help with herxing but you have to build a tolerance to this. You cannot over dose of cannabis, if you take too much u will sleep. Well there is one way to overdose but it’s impossible to do because you would have to smoke 680kgs of cannabis in 15 minutes to die from an overdose. Yep, impossible.

Work yourself up to a dose you can handle. I say for every 100 lbs. you should try to work up to 1/4 -1/2 tsp a day for faster results. I personally had decided I was going at with everything I had so I was taking about a ½ tsp a day for several weeks. Yes, I slept a lot and zoned out watching TV etc.


It’s important to take a good probiotic and eat small meals throughout the day, using the cannabis oil as medicine doesn’t usually cause the munchies.

DRINK a lot of fluids and keeps your electrolytes up, I cannot express how important this is.  You will need lots of water, Gatorade and Pedialyte. Also don’t forget to snack several times a day even if you are not hungry. I didn’t feel hungry at all and wasn’t able to eat much and it led to me having to work myself back up to real foods again, and it wasn’t easy.

And do not forget to detox. Remember you are killing it faster than your body can get rid of it so help your organs detox. Research more detox herbs and drinks before you start if you don’t like the ones I mentioned in this book.

Remember for this treatment protocol to work effectively, you need to attack the disease as aggressively as it has attacked you, for best result. Taking only a few drops a day will take months to treat. I worked myself up to a high dose and allowed my body to rest and heal. I didn’t like the feeling of the medicine but it was better than the way Lyme Disease made me feel.

Below is what the cannabis oil pics I took from internet, your real cannabis oil should be thick and deep green / black like pics here

Do not use CBD oil or hemp oil only. If it is thin or light in color you are getting hemp or fake oil and it will not work. Here are pics of samples of hemp or fake oils and will not heal you.


Chapter 12

Why Cannabis Oil is

Important for Positive Results

Using cannabis oil correctly will reduce treatment time from years to months and the patient doesn’t have to deal with the horrible coinfections that are so debilitating.

The CBD only oils will not work, they are not the same as cannabinoid and have different effects.

It’s best to make your own oil instead of oil made for you because you will not know the strength or what you may be getting and this could be the difference of life or death if the oil isn’t made correctly.

Please make your own oil so you know that no short cuts have been made in preparing the oil and you know they aren’t replacing the ingredients with another plant or synthetic version. Synthetic cannabis is extremely dangerous and can cause coma, and even death.

If you travel to an area that makes it, please look for a validated store. It should show dates it was made, a lab certificate, and analysis for the particular batch made.

Be careful not to get a watered down version, or some have been known to add vegetable oil or other oils to the mix, this is another reason it is important to make your own.

Any pure strain is ok; some patients even mix 1-3 strains together to make sure they have a good medicine but this isn’t necessary. I personally used only one strain and had a more than perfect outcome.

Back to my recovery and results;

At the time of my first week’s treatment I had no idea I would have my life back so quickly. With 6-8 weeks I had cured the chronic Lyme Disease that was destroying me from inside out. But I had another problem I hadn’t been told about. My vitamins and minerals were extremely low, along with magnesium, potassium, and many other digestive problems.

I will also add that cannabis oil is not an approved FDA treatment for Lyme. I tried this on my own. I am definitely not a doctor, but I cured Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever on my own. Please use at your own risk. For all Lyme sufferers, I know you understand this all too well and I pray you all find your way towards a better healthier life.

Always keep fluids nearby and stay hydrated. This is very crucial. I will state again that this is not a way to have fun and get high. In fact, as your body heals you will want to stop the Cannabis Oil and get on with life. My energy went through the roof after stopping the cannabis oil


Chapter 13


After treating Lyme disease effectively my body could not maintain the vitamins and minerals my body needed to strive. I needed special vitamins, minerals and a good Live probiotic to build my immune system. Some toxins can interfere with vitamin production, including Lyme disease, tick borne diseases and parasites as well.

Watch out for these factors

Factors that Affect Your Methylation Process, Genetics, Poor diet, Smoking, Malabsorption, Decreased stomach acid, Medications, Other conditions, include hypothyroidism, kidney failure or having only one kidney, cancer, and toxic exposures

Measuring Your Own Methylation Process

You can also ask your doctor for the following test

Homocysteine – Very Important test for Lyme patients. The normal level is less than 13, but the ideal level is likely between 6 and 8

Complete blood count– Red blood cells with a mean corpuscular volume greater than 95 can signal a methylation problem

Serum or urinary methyl malonic acid – This tests your vitamin B12.

Specific urinary amino acids –  Unusual metabolism disorders involving vitamins B6 or B12, folate, etc.

After learning more about Methylation problems, I ordered the vitamins and started taking supplements. The HomocysteX Plus by Seeking Health (Dr. Ben Lynch’s formula). Needless to say these vitamins were a life saver in itself. Within the first few days of taking this vitamin my body was flooded with memories that I had forgotten, and I realized how deathly sick I had become over the past several years. I also started taking magnesium powder, zinc, and potassium supplements which helped bring my mind and gut back to normal and functioning. I did however have signs of Bell’s palsy and also added Cayenne Pepper pills to helped temporarily with the symptoms. I will add here, the Bell’s Palsy symptoms were in fact parasites (roundworms) and I will go over that section later on.

As always stay hydrated, this is a very important part of healing. Also drink plenty of water, at least a gallon per day. 

Chapter 14

Testing Probiotics and Water


Another issue after treating Lyme Disease was not having a good probiotic. I actually thought I was taking a really good one for over 5 years. Turns out the #1 brand I was buying from a local store was useless. Because the probiotic wasn’t working, I was left with no good flora to help my immune system. So I urge everyone to test your probiotic. it’s quite simple to do.

Testing your probiotic

Start with adding 1/4 cup of milk in 2 separate glasses and open one capsule into second glass and set both the glasses in a cabinet and check them 24 hours later. The first glass of milk is to compare with probiotics milk. The second glass should have become thick where the probiotics are working. I now take Live Optima 100 billion active probiotics, Enteric-Coated once a day. These have to be refrigerated so please make sure wherever you purchase these from, they overnight them with a cold pack. Otherwise they will die and be useless.


Sadly, so many people are drinking bottled water. We tested so many and the PH levels and alkalinity. Purified bottled water was mostly acidic and stripped of minerals. Most have been sitting in plastic bottles for 6+ months. Even top brands didn’t make the cut with us. The best we tested was filtered water straight from our refrigerator. Sadly, the EPA does not regulate the PH levels in drinking water.

 Testing your water

The simplest and cheapest way to test your water is to buy pool test strips from a pool store or local store. Take the strip and pour the water over the strip and compare it to the level indicator on the outside of the pool test kit. You are checking PH and Alkalinity. If they are too high or too low, I would recommend not drinking the water and finding a better one to keep on hand.

PH “Potential Hydrogen” reflects how acidic your water is and Alkalinity is important because it protects against rapid PH changes.

This is a quick rundown. If you need more information you can find it by researching more online.


Hydration and Detoxing;

Why It’s crucial to Lyme Patients

Without detoxing your body could shut down or take years to recover because the dead microorganisms, toxins, and dead cells will back up into your body and cause more sickness and possible organ damage or failure and sometimes death. It can also seep into your bloodstream causing even more damage.

Here are the 2 I used that were the most crucial;

Burbur detox, and Samento Microbial defense, both made by NutraMedix (found on amazon). Please use carefully starting with one tiny drop and build up to several drops daily until treatment is over. You can take this as much as needed and as often as needed but remember to work yourself up, you don’t want to herx. These are crucial, your body needs help flushing the dead cells and microbes from your body. Your gut can get backed up and this can be extremely dangerous, (if not fatal), because it could damage your pancreas, liver or kidneys.

Also drink a gallon of water a day to keep your body hydrated. If you have been on any treatments before now, you might notice cyst coming up, or draining, this usually is dead cells and toxins trying to get out of your system. These cysts will heal. If they are painful, use warm compress, and if pain is too much for you, lance them with a sterile needle if need but be careful it can be painful. After lancing, make sure to clean and cover the area with gauze. If they bother you or become inflamed, pussy or keep coming back, please see your doctor for an evaluation. These cysts are mostly dead cells and microorganisms that come to the surface creating and ugly balloon type cyst.

 Herbs for detoxing include;

Organic Gum Acasia– Made from the sap of the acacia tree, this substance has been used for centuries to help relieve symptoms of diarrhea by adding bulk to bowel movements and improving electrolyte absorption.

Dandelion tea– promotes bowel regularity and good hydration levels in the body. And used to help with joint discomfort. Add Manuka Honey for flavor, as Manuka honey has so many benefits and one of the best natural healers I have found.

Milk Thistle– Helps the gallbladder and liver, also help produce bile, which improves digestive function

 Cilantro– helps the body rid itself of dangerous toxic metals that accumulate.

Alfalfa Leaf- helps with a variety of infections and may help stomach ulcers.

Peppermint- Helps aid the body in fighting off harmful organisms, it is an active ingredient in lung cleansing products.

 Eucalyptus– Helps with lung cleansing, helps fight bacteria, and attacks viruses. It can also be used topically for chest or nose congestion.

Stinging Nettle– this herb can resist microorganisms, and has antioxidant properties. It also helps with blood pressure.

These are just a few, there are so many others to help. A really good book I found extremely helpful is “The Little Herb Encyclopedia” written by Jack Ritchason, N.D.

Please also go back to the chapter for Liver toxicity and detox recipes if you like.


Hydration is crucial part of recovery. With Lyme disease you need more than ever because your body is working overtime. I can’t stress Also without enough fluids and electrolytes your organs will slowly start shutting down and because this is an invisible disease a normal urine test doesn’t show has serious this can be. The words I heard from doctors were “you are not clinically dehydrated” so we cannot give you fluids. Ridiculous, right?

In Lyme patients being told this is terrifying. The reason is; Lyme patients are already suffering enough and when dehydration starts it’s usually the first sign of multiple organ shutdown. But the organ failure is so slow it goes undiagnosed until the patient is nearly on their death bed. Crazy disease isn’t it?

Signs of mild dehydration

Dry mouth


Decrease in urine output

Sticky mouth or tongue



Not being able to produce tears

Dry patchy skin





Most Lyme patients experience symptoms of severe dehydration, but most doctors don’t take it seriously in Lyme patients. Once you mention Lyme they are ready to get you out the door.

 Signs of severe dehydration

Extreme thirst (mine was so bad I was drinking so much water I felt like a water balloon, but it would run straight through me because I needed IV fluids because organs were not working correctly.

Extreme fussiness or sleepiness in infants and children

irritability and confusion in adults

Very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes

Little or no urination or dark Urine

Skin that doesn’t bounce back when pinched into a fold

Dark or sunken rings under eyes

In babies the soft spots on the top of a baby’s head will be sunken in

Low blood pressure

Rapid heartbeat and breathing


In the most serious cases, delirium or unconsciousness.

I had these symptoms in the ER on more than one occasion and the hospital assaulted me, called me a liar, a fake, and forced me out of the ER. I literally couldn’t tell you who I was and what was happening to me, but thankfully my husband had placed my phone to record when he had to step away for a few hours to close our business. The doctors said they would wait until he came back but as soon as he left they held me down, removed my IV, threatened to have me arrested, (funny part was when the officer refused to touch me because he could tell I was dying).

If you have to go to the Emergency Department, please do yourself a favor and record it. Most cell phones have recorders on them now and this may help you in the long run. This might be the only way you can prove that you were mistreated and how the medical system fails Lyme patients.


Chapter 16

Babesia and Coinfections

Although I haven’t named the co infections yet; I will say a serious one is called Babesia. Babesiosis is an infection caused by a malaria-like parasite which infects the blood cells. It is very terrifying and usually causes air hunger. Very Scary!! Under a microscope Babesia looks like malaria but malaria medications won’t help. Luckily Cannabis oil made and used properly will treat this and all other coinfections.

Nothing helped my air hunger until I turned to cannabis oil. I actually had this particular co-infection and the prescription medication to treat it, was actually the medication that done the most damage to my body. Which is about the time I had massive liver damage and had to come off antibiotics and finally used cannabis oil. To treat this particular co-infection, you will need to be on a little higher stable dose for 7-10 days. I can’t say for sure how long it took to treat each co-infection individually because I worked myself up to a high dose of cannabis when I started and stayed at that dose until I had treated the entire disease as one major disease.

Cannabis helped my symptoms and breathing, and being able to breathe again was so worth the fight. Again if you took antibiotics refer back to liver and pancreas section.

I will list other co-infections and a brief rundown of symptoms etc.

 Please don’t stress over the coinfections I am listing, they are not important to understand if you follow my protocol. Cannabis Oil was able to treat all of my coinfection within the 6-8 weeks of medication, approximately 1 lb. of cannabis to make enough oil . I actually found most of these with a google search engine. Therefore, you can research and find more detailed information on your own if you need to understand them more.


Other common co-infections and symptoms include;

Bartonella – fever, fatigue, malaise, swollen lymph nodes, joint aches and swelling, neurological abnormalities, skin rash or markings

Ehrlichia and Anaplasma –  is a bacterial infection that destroy white blood cells

Mycoplasma– bacteria, invade human cells and disrupt the immune system, causing fatigue, musculoskeletal symptoms, and cognitive problems.

Colorado tick fever – caused by a virus carried by Rocky Mountain wood ticks, symptoms include; acute high fever, severe headache, chills, fatigue, and muscle pain.

Powassan Virus-  Causes encephalitis and can be fatal. Common symptoms may include fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, seizures, and memory loss.

Q Fever – a bacteria carried by cattle, sheep, and goats. Symptoms are similar to Lyme disease. Usually starts with a high fever.  Can also cause Pneumonia and abnormal liver function.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever –fever, headache, and muscle aches and sometimes a rash. Below is a picture of the RMSF rash I had. But don’t be shocked if you only see this rash after stating treatment.

Paralysis- usually reversed when the tick is removed.

Tick-borne Relapsing Fever- Borrelia hermsii, is carried by soft ticks. It is characterized by cycles of high fever.

Tularemia- aka rabbit fever, caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. Symptoms are skin ulcers, swollen and painful lymph glands, inflamed eyes, sore throat, mouth sores, pneumonia, diarrhea and vomiting.


Chapter 17

Parasites, Testing

And Alpha-Gal Allergy

Please note: Parasites are usually the cause of needing a feeding tube and paralysis of the stomach.

Alpha-gal allergy -as explained in the wikipedia site– is a reaction to Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, whereby the body is overloaded with immunoglobulin E antibodies on contact with the carbohydrate. Alpha-gal is found in all mammals apart from Old World monkeys and the apes (including humans).

I can’t help but laugh at this explanation and you will see why by the end of this section.

Bites from the lone star tick, supposedly transfer this so-called carbohydrate to the victim, causing a delayed allergic response which is triggered by the consumption of mammalian meat products and many more environmental factors. Alpha-gal allergy does not require the person or patient to become a vegetarian. And they go on saying poultry and fish do not usually cause a reaction. Also this alpha-gal allergy usually more prevalent and infects more of the population in the mid and south-east and southern Unites States where the rates are 30% higher than elsewhere. Doctors are not required to report Alpha-gal patients, and I believe the reason behind this is the fact the allergy is basically a HUGE very common misdiagnosis.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Let’s see. The areas in which they are most prevalent are warmer more humid areas in which it is more common for parasites to be a problem.

I can’t help to laugh at this and after you read the following you will see why I don’t believe this is a real allergy.

Most patients with Chronic or Late Lyme disease somehow end up with intestinal parasites. The most common one is Ascariasis, aka, human roundworm. Most doctors will tell you parasites rare in humans, but I am here to say they are wrong. Most studies read that 1/3 of the world’s population have parasites and most never know it. I personally believe that number exceeds 50% of the population. I had almost a dozen doctors laugh at me and say it was impossible. I had every symptom and I knew I had killed and cured Lyme disease and co-infections, but convincing the ignorant doctors was another thing. Please note, I am not speaking about all doctors. I am meaning the ones who ignore their patient’s symptoms and concerns, or just don’t listen or do proper tests should have their license revoked, or at the least be forced to endure the seminars or read information written by Dr. Brian Rosner. This may actually open their eyes to how serious this parasite problem is. Don’t panic, there is hope. I will list the symptoms, medication and the lab I used to diagnose myself when multiple doctors and hospitals missed the diagnosis.

Symptoms are similar to Lyme Disease, so much so that this is why patients are heavily over medicated and never get any better.

Symptoms of parasites include                                                                                         

Vitamin and mineral deficiency or methylation issues

Black tarry stools


Brain fog or mental fuzziness

Bloating and gas

Balloon stomach below breast bone

Allergies or sensitivities to foods, environmental, medications, and chemicals

Floaters or spots in the eyes


Rectal itching, especially at night


Difficulty sleeping and waking up

Food cravings, especially for sweet or starchy foods

Intestinal cramps


Psoriasis or eczema

History of antibiotic use, steroid use including inhalant or asthma medication

Anxiety or depression

Muscle or joint aches

Numbness or Paralysis of stomach, needing a feeding tube. Usually the person’s stomach isn’t actually paralyzed but it feels numb and they are unable to eat, drink or keep food down. A test can be done to check if it’s paralyzed or numb.

Many times you will see places on backs of legs and other areas that look like dark stretch marks.


Tiny white specks in your stool or even the parasite itself.


Did you know that most hospital and doctor’s labs miss parasite infection in people, especially Lyme patients?  This is more common than anyone knows and I believe it to be the 2nd leading cause of death in Lyme disease patients, just my theory. Most patients that have been treated for months and sometimes years of antibiotic but never treated with Albendazole for parasites (3 days of medicine for a small infestation). Parasites cause a lot of same symptoms and when u keep Lyme in check the parasites take over. This happened to me as well. So take a look at symptoms of a parasite.

The lab I used is Parasitology Center Inc. In Arizona. The test for a full GI panel cost about $266 plus shipping. If you aren’t sure and can’t afford it right away a very easy way to have a test done is to take a stool sample to your local vet. Please do not tell the vet they are testing your stool specimen because they are not allowed to treat or test humans. The best way to get around this is by telling your vet it’s your pets specimen or a stray that happened to take up close to your home and you need it tested to protect your pets. If the test comes back positive, then you can purchase Albendazole at large breed animal supply store. I will go over types of common parasites and dosing. If you decide you would rather get the medication through a doctor, you will need to use the parasite lab in Arizona. This lab will send results to your doctor and also give the dosage and instructions so your doctor can prescribe the medication to you.

If you are diagnosed with roundworms etc., you can take “Albendazole” for the name brand. Without lab confirmation this medication can cost $800-$1200 but you can buy a pint of the liquid sold for large breed animals like cows, it is the same medication and it worked better than the pills for me.

More common parasites found in US according to CDC.

I have gone over the most common roundworm found in humans called the Ascariasis, so I won’t go over that one again. Please note, if I don’t list a medication after the end of each parasite then I was unable to find the correct treatment or protocol. This is for information and learning only. Please check with your physician before treating any parasites. I am not saying Lyme patients get the following parasites or bacterial infections but wanted to list the most common ones found in US.

Chagas disease– Chagas disease is transmitted through a bite from the triatomine bug, and affects over 300,000 Americans annually. These parasites cause long-term digestive, cardiac and neurological complications and death, usually caused by heart attack. There is medication to treat this disease if caught early enough.

Cysticercosis– taenia solium tapeworm, loves human tissues such as the brain and also muscles. Yes, there is a case in which they have been found in the brain. Larval cysts from the parasite form in the body and can cause a number of complications, including seizures. About 1000 cases are reported annually and usually is caused by eating under cooked pork. Albendazole is a medication that can treat this parasite. But dosage is based on each type parasite so please consult a physician.

Toxocara– Around 14% of Americans are exposed to these according to CDC but I believe the numbers are much higher since most Americans have pets. It’s a roundworm usually found in dogs and cats. Approximately 70-80 people die from these each year. Albendazole is a medication that can treat this parasite. But dosage is based on each type parasite so please consult a physician.

Toxoplasma gondii– Also known as “cat poop parasite,” Approximately 60 million people are infected with these parasites and they are also found in undercooked meat and unwashed fruits and vegetables. This is the parasite that usually causes problems in pregnant women and sometimes miscarriages. Swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches and eye complications are a few of the symptoms. Please check with your physician about how to treat this parasitic infection.

Trichomoniasis– Sadly this protozoan parasite is a sexually transmitted disease that affects around 4 million people a year, and only 25%-35% may develop symptoms, but it is treatable.  Symptoms include burning, itching around genital area, discharge, and pain during urination. Treatable with antibiotics. Please consult your physician for proper treatment.

Rat Bite Fever- Since more and more people are buying mice and gerbils’ as pets this is becoming a little more common. This is actually caused by two types of bacteria. Streptobacillary ,Streptobacillus moniliformis found in  North America and  spirillary or sodoku is caused by Spirillum minus in other countries like Asia. You don’t have to be bitten by the rat or rodent that is infected. A scratch from the rodent, or a possible open cut coming in contact with is saliva or urine can cause a serious deadly infection. Symptoms usually start suddenly and is usually mistaken by a less serious infection. Symptoms include; Swollen Lymph Nodes, fever, chills, headache, white ulcer in the mouth are common, ulceration at the site of infection with red or dark streaks, reddish or brown or purple rash, sometimes this is the first symptom noticed and is mistaken as hand foot mouth disease in young children, muscle pain, vomiting, sore throat, can cause infection of the heart, can cause pneumonia, hepatitis and eventually death. Penicillin and IV fluids are the most common treatment for this disease

Schistosomiasis – aka Bilharzia – Spreads through contaminated food or water. A disease caused by infection with freshwater parasitic worms, doctors are seeing this more and more in the USA. The freshwater becomes contaminated from infected animal or human urine or feces. The parasites penetrate human skin to enter the bloodstream and migrate to the liver, intestines, and other organs. Symptoms –  rash, itchy skin, fever, chills, cough, headache, abdominal pain, joint pain, and muscle aches, stomach numbness, paralysis are symptoms. These are also transmitted through freshwater slugs as well.

Info straight from CDC website – Infection occurs when skin comes in contact with contaminated freshwater in which certain types of snails that carry the parasite are living. Freshwater becomes contaminated by Schistosoma eggs when infected people urinate or defecate in the water. The eggs hatch, and if the appropriate species of snails are present in the water, the parasites infect, develop and multiply inside the snails. The parasite leaves the snail and enters the water where it can survive for about 48 hours. Schistosoma parasites can penetrate the skin of persons who come in contact with contaminated freshwater, typically when wading, swimming, bathing, or washing. Over several weeks, the parasites migrate through host tissue and develop into adult worms inside the blood vessels of the body. Once mature, the worms mate and females produce eggs. Some of these eggs travel to the bladder or intestine and are passed into the urine or stool.

Symptoms of schistosomiasis are caused not by the worms themselves but by the body’s reaction to the eggs. Eggs shed by the adult worms that do not pass out of the body can become lodged in the intestine or bladder, causing inflammation or scarring. Children who are repeatedly infected can develop anemia, malnutrition, and learning difficulties. After years of infection, the parasite can also damage the liver, intestine, spleen, lungs, and bladder.


Most people have no symptoms when they are first infected. However, within days after becoming infected, they may develop a rash or itchy skin. Within 1-2 months of infection, symptoms may develop including fever, chills, cough, and muscle aches.


Without treatment, schistosomiasis can persist for years. Signs and symptoms of chronic schistosomiasis include: abdominal pain, enlarged liver, blood in the stool or blood in the urine, and problems passing urine. Chronic infection can also lead to increased risk of bladder cancer.

Rarely, eggs are found in the brain or spinal cord and can cause seizures, paralysis, stomach paralysis, or spinal cord inflammation. Hard to detect and must be treated by medical professional.

Less common parasites are usually if a person travels to another country or tropical region, I will name a few here.

If you are like me, I tend to do a lot of research. And because I speak to a lot of people from around the world weekly, especially since my article became public, I am literally researching some of the most terrifying parasites I’ve ever heard of. I am only going to explain a few but you can do a quick google search. Wikipedia has a extremely detailed list of parasites found in humans. Just get ready, it’s not easy to research, be sure you can stomach it.

Leishmaniasis- The name speaks for itself. My skin actually crawls writing about this one. It’s found in tropics, subtropics, and southern Europe. Leishmania parasites are spread by the bite of type of vector born sand fly, that are about 1/3 of the size of a mosquito. The most common is cutaneous leishmaniasis, which causes skin sores and also affects several internal organs (usually spleen, liver, bone marrow and roams freely throughout your blood destroying your red blood cells and starving your body of oxygen and nutrients). These cause about 30,000+ deaths a year because they cause your immune system to attack itself and starves your body of nutrients. This parasite is sometimes missed and mistaken as a form of blood cancer. Sadly, the only treatment I have heard for this particular parasite is Chemotherapy, which is how they treat cancer. But luckily, a 5-day treatment is aggressive enough to kill this scary parasite infestation.

Onchocerciasis – Only a dozen or so cases reported annually in the US, last I checked anyway. Usually found in central Africa. Onchocerciasis also known as River Blindness is a parasitic worm Onchocerca volvulus. It is transmitted through repeated bites by certain species of blackflies. These blackflies are not usually found in the US. These flies usually live close to streams and flowing water. The parasite they transmit cause problems with vision and even blindness. It also causes skin disease, uncontrollable itching and nodules under the skin. This is the second parasitic cause of blindness in the world. Treatment is usually ivermectin, which will need to be given every 6 months to kill the larva but will not kill the adult parasite. Doxycycline is the medication that kills the Wolbachia bacteria in which the adult worms depend in order to survive, thus causing the adults to eventually die off with proper treatment of Doxycycline. In most cases doctors will monitor and treat with both Ivermectin and Doxycycline. That being said before treatment, the patient needs to be tested to make sure that you are not also infected with Loa Loa, another filarial parasite found in central Africa.


Dosage Liquid Albendazole and strengths –

400 mg dose is equal to 3.5 ml liquid albendazole

Conversion kg to lbs.- 60kg is equal to132.28lbs

Neurocysticercosis (Taenia Solium Tapeworm) Over 60 kg; 400 mg 8-30 days

Under 60 kg;15 mg/kg/day for 8-30 days; not to exceed 800 mg/day

Hydatid (Echinococcus Tapeworm) Over 60 kg: 400 mg x 28 days, THEN 14 drug-free days’ x 3 cycles

Under 60 kg: 15 mg/kg/day divided, no more than 800 mg/day x 28 days, THEN 14 drug-free days’ x 3 cycles

Ancylostoma, Ascariasis, Hookworm, Trichostrongylus  400 mg a day for 3 days, if the infestation has been with you for more than a year, meaning adult roundworms, you may need to retreat or take 400 mg twice a day for up to 7 – 10 days and retreat again after 14 days.

Capillariasis 400 mg x10 days

Larva Migrans, Cutaneous & Trichuriasis 400 mg x 3 days

Larva Migrans, Visceral 400 mg x 5 days

Enterobius (Pinworm) 400 mg once, repeat in 2 weeks

Fluke (Clonorchis Sinensis) 10 mg/kg x 7 days

Gnathostomiasis, Microsporidiosis 400 mg x 21 days

See your physician to Monitor: CBC, LFTs. Please do not attempt to treat any parasite infection alone unless you have no other choice. Most patients will become severely dehydrated and need IV fluids a few times a week or during the full course of treatment. I always recommend when patients start and parasite medication to receive 2 IV bags of fluids with electrolytes for the first 3 days if you do not wish to be hospitalized. Also you may need to buy Seimens Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips (100/bottle) for urinalysis testing. Parameters include Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, and Leucocytes. The outside of the bottle gives you a chart to go by to check each level. Always make notes or take a picture of the strips if your levels are off so you have something to show your doctor.

To do this test correctly, use a sterile disposable cup and make sure to use a clean wipe to wipe off before the test. After you start to release urine place the cup under your stream of urine to catch about 3-4 tsp of urine. The remove only one strip and hold it over the toilet and pour the urine across the strip. There should be instructions on how long to wait for results on the bottle, but the test is fairly quick.


Human Roundworm aka Ascariasis is the most common parasite in people/ patients. Please don’t freak out, you can get rid of them

Back to the parasites, dosage and how to take the medication if you chose to do it yourself, which I have found, most patients have to treat themselves.

Normal treatment of a roundworm infestation in adult human takes 3.5 ml a day for 3 days with 50 grams of fat (recommended by doctor and CDC). I found out this was not enough and had to retreat. I recommend 5-7 days and if you can handle it or even up to 10-14 days. Most do the 5-7 days and retreat 2 weeks for 3-5 days. Remember eating 40-50 grams of fat is very important for the absorption of the medication and to help the medication to carry throughout your body. Please read the chapter for my peanut butter pie recipe that is high in fat.

What you can take while on parasite medication is Metamucil  Fiber, Cascara Sagrada (helps contract stomach muscles), Turmeric, and Organic Olive oil. Just note that some people do not have a bowel movement for several days (this is normal). Raised flesh colored bumps are normal for some, this is indicates a heat rash but if you have trouble breathing, swallowing, lips or tongue swells this is a sign of anaphylactic shock and should be treated immediately by a physician. I for one haven’t had someone complain about this but most if not all will go through some sort of herx. There are too many herx reactions to list, from dry skin to nausea and sometimes vomiting if you are over run with them.

Eat high fiber foods and drink 8 glasses of fluids, I actually recommend a gallon and half of fluids to flush out parasitic die-off & toxins. During treatment stop using herbal remedies, flushes, cleanse, DE, laxatives, zappers, and other OTC parasite products, except for the few I mentioned above. None of the herb treatments completely treat parasite infections and can actually cause the opposite effect. They can be toxic, destroy beneficial flora in the gut, & impair organs of the digestive system. The herbs cause parasites to scatter everywhere, carrying enteric pathogens from the GI tract with them. And herbs can counteract and remove parasite drugs from your system. (Any parasite infection can make a person very sick and could eventually lead to death, left untreated. The treatment is not easy on your body so be sure to watch your food and water intake, stay hydrated and when you treat for parasites do not take a probiotic) If you have Liver disease please consult your doctor.

Also after treating these mean things remember you will be sore in places if you have a large infestation. I have found Benadryl helps with pain, swelling and inflammation. You may end up with scar tissue but if pain is persistent talk to your doctor. An herb you can take for pain is Boswella herb, but is sits heavy on your stomach.

Please take extra precaution to stay hydrated and if you start vomiting please see your doctor or call 911, this could indicate a blockage or problem.

I don’t recommend doing this without your doctor knowing, just know without the proper labs they most likely will miss the infection or say something like, people don’t get them, it’s rare, or they may flat out refuse to consider the possibility. But if you read the article, “After Antibiotics” you will see too many antibiotics can lower the immune system, leaving you open to parasite infection, cancer and the list goes on.

So back to Alpha-gal and why I don’t believe it exists.

After treating myself with Albendazole it took me about a month or so to detox from the sludge and toxins they carried. And before treating the I had 100’s of allergies, which several doctors called Alpha-Gal allergies. But after treating them I now only have the one allergy, and it happens to be an allergy I was born with. Allergy to Pine Trees.

With that being said and the research I have done, I believe this so called alpha-gal allergy is misdiagnosis and the real problem is parasites.

Pictures of how my skin reacted to medication, environmental and foods due to parasites. Not Alpha-gal after all.


Chapter 18

Mold and Morgellons and Treatment

Another serious complication some patients have when their immune system is compromised is the chance of inhaling a fungus called Aspergillus. This is a mold/fungus that can be found anywhere in any structure or interior surrounding of water damaged buildings, including houses, duct work, water fountains, and work places, including schools. This fungus can also be found in exterior surrounding of homes and businesses and if it is close to duct work it can be pulled into the air vents causing the patient to become so sick they begin to have nose bleeds, pain, nausea, coughing, brain fog and the list goes on. Usually the patient’s immune system is strong enough to kill the fungus when it enters the body, starting usually in the nose and lungs. But when a person’s immune system is compromised from another infection or from over use of steroids and some antibiotics, the fungus can grow at an extreme rapid pace. When the spores grow and reach the lungs they penetrate the lining of the lungs and throw out deadly toxins into the patient’s body causing similar symptoms of Lyme disease. Although no research has put the two together as far as I have read that these two are related. I believe that ticks can possibly transfer the spores when it attaches to the human host causing even more difficulties and possible death if the patient isn’t treated in time. The reason I believe this is because ticks can be found anywhere and they are drawn to moist places. If it isn’t the tick infecting the person, then it’s the person’s immune system being too weak to fight of the Aspergillus if the person comes in contact with it

To be able to diagnose this you will need a Dr. that specializes in Bio toxins. One that comes to mind is Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and it might be helpful for a patient to research and read his article “Surviving Mold”, in which he mentions spirochetes and several other biologically produced toxins. His article and research can be found using a search engine on your computer.

You can take New Zealand Manuka Honey KFactor 16+ orally daily to treat mold, fungus, yeast / candida, and MRSA Staph. You will need to take several teaspoons a day for treatment but adding this to your tea or coffee makes this easier for most people to take. I suggest 2 tsp up to 3 times a day. The Manuka Honey is also proven to treat/cure MRSA staph both topically and orally, and recently a family member was able to treat thrush that wouldn’t clear up with normal medications for yeast. This person would put it topically on her gums and add to coffee or tea daily. She won’t go without it after realizing its healing affects.

Also Manuka Honey has been used topically on Diabetic patients to help them heal when they start having issues with their legs and feet.

The good news in this is, I believe that cannabis oil can possibly help treat the fungus/mold because fungus is a type of spirochete. But by chance I am wrong there is another way to treat mold and fungus spirochetes in the body and externally. Please read further because this may or may not go with what Morgellons Disease actually is.

Now let’s talk about Morgellons. Most research suggests this horrible disease is caused by spirochetes, possible fungus or mold, and possibly Lyme Disease, a few mention possible parasites are the culprit. I personally have a different theory; I believe Morgellons is caused by not treating intestinal parasites that become so over run in a patient’s body they have to seek refuge in other areas of the body other than the gut.  The most common parasite I have heard about from 1000’s of Lyme patients is roundworm, also known as Ascariasis, which I went over in the parasite chapterbut they may not be the only parasite causing this problemso parasite testing could help with identifying the actual cause.

I believe when parasites become so over run in the body they actually go through the skin leaving an open wound. A smaller infestation usually come out of the rectum, nose or mouth at night while the patient is asleep, but remember some of these nasty parasites can lay over 100,000 to 200,000 eggs a day and not everyone can cough them up. A lot of patients swallow them, in which they return to the gut, mature and multiply even more. Therefore, if they come out in different areas of the skin, I believe the parasitic worms pull the fibers surrounding the patient back into the body. Eventually these fibers will work themselves to the surface or the skin, just like a stitch would do 2-6 weeks after if it was cut to close to the skin, or when the entire stitch isn’t removed correctly.

Most people will come to realize most doctors will say that parasites are not common in people. This is wrong on so many levels and I have proven it time and time again. But, let’s just say I may be wrong, and that perhaps, Morgellons is not caused by a parasite, and is actually caused by a fungus/mold. The treatment for mold/fungus is prescription medication, but I believe Manuka Honey from New Zealand added to the wounds and taking about 2 tsp 3 times a day to help treat the mold/fungus and possibly cure it. You will need to treat the house or area as well so you are not re infected, usually an ozone machine or finding the mold and treating it will get rid of the problem. Manuka Honey is also proven to cure MRSA staph treated topically or taken orally.

Be sure to look at the strength though, Manuka K Factor 12+ to 16+ is safe to take orally, but Manuka K Factor 25+ or higher needs to be used topically. This is also a great healing product for just about anything including thrush or yeast and even cut and scratches.

manuka honey

Also for those that have been diagnosed with Mold, you can take a few teaspoons a day and this could help destroy the mold /fungus spores throughout your body.


Chapter 19

Breathing Techniques

Massage the area of bottom of foot from outer edge of foot to middle of foot. You can find a chart online if you research foot pressure points. This helps with asthma patients as well. You will probably feel immediate temporary relief.

2- Count as you breathe in, take a deep breath count to 4 and breathe out counting to 8. do this several times.

3- Have someone massage you lower back lung area, sometimes just putting pressure there helps you breathe easier.

Please note- Large parasite infestations can cause problems with breathing because the larva of the roundworm migrates to the lungs.



 Chapter 20

Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

When Treating Parasites

Peanut butter pie recipe for getting the 40-50 grams of fat to take with parasite meds.

4 ounces’ cream cheese (room temp when you are ready to make this), 4 ounces’ peanut butter and mix thoroughly until the 2 are mixed completely, add 1/2 cup of confectioner (powder) sugar and blend evenly, it will be thick at this point, then add 8 ounces of cool whip and blend until smooth and creamy. Add to a graham cracker pie crust and refrigerate.

Remember you still need time to heel your body. Please be sure to drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes. If you choose another recipe please make sure you are getting enough 40-50 grams of fat, this is crucial when treating for parasites.


Chapter 21

Lyme and Vaccines

Continuous research time and time again has proven links between Lyme Disease and vaccines go hand in hand. I am not saying Lyme Disease is caused by the vaccines. What I mean is, if you are bitten by an infected tick, your body could be strong enough to keep the disease at bay and possibly never develop symptoms, but in so many cases, the person infected may decide to get a flu or HPV vaccine and set the disease into full motion. This happened to me, I had just gotten over a horrible flu and decided to get the vaccine months later which caused the Lyme disease to progress rapidly and before I realized what was happening I lost nearly 6 years of my life.

After healing, I decided to research this further, and found more and more patients who visited my site had the same problems. Many of the patients I spoke to personally developed major symptoms after a normal vaccine. As I dug deeper into more research I found that mostly only cats, dogs, cattle and other vaccinated animals tend to get sick besides humans. This was unbelievable and I am sure the medical industry will say I am wrong, but where is the research? BY all means, I am not saying do not vaccinate. I am saying that we are now in an epidemic and without proper treatment and awareness more people could become infected or sick if they are vaccinated. We need more testing and more awareness and it should be asked if we have been bitten by a tick or have a chance of possible Lyme disease before any vaccine is given.

During the time I was sick and fighting for my life I lost 6 friends due to complications of Lyme Disease. Sadly 2 died while I was writing this book. Sadly, I didn’t find out about any of them until after I published my first article, which made this even more personal and more important for me to get this out to everyone I could and try to explain and help more patients in the same state I was in.

That being said if you or a family member has Lyme disease or a possibility of having Lyme disease, please do not get the flu shot, HPV Vaccine or any other vaccines until you are Lyme free for over one year (I would wait 2 years just in case). You also can not donate blood or be an organ donor until you have been Lyme Disease free for over 1 year. This means you need to test negative for over 1 year prior to donating. The reasoning behind this is; Lyme Disease and tick borne illness which duplicates a person’s cells, and it hides duplicating your DNA and can be in any part of your body/organs and blood stream. Your entire body is now a disease until you cure it. I don’t mean put it in remission, I mean cure it. Being a donor can transfer this deadly disease to a somewhat healthier person. Yes, the person needs an organ transplant and isn’t actually healthy but Lyme Disease could kill them before they have a chance to start healing.

Please before you donate take all necessary precautions to be tested. 


Chapter 22

Recovery Takes Patience

When you have finished treatment please don’t expect a full recovery immediately, you may still have discomfort, pain, etc. but this is normal. Take Benadryl if pain is too much to deal with, this usually helps because the pain is caused from inflammation due to healing your body so quickly. Keep up with supplement and vitamins until you know your body in producing them again.

One example for me is. I was constantly low vitamin d and high cholesterol but after curing Lyme disease, following my protocol, including the parasite (round worm) infection I can finally take Vitamin D. I took 10,000 IU for 2 weeks and dropped down to 5000 IU a day for 2 more weeks and now take 2 pills a week.

I also have noticed I don’t have sensitivities like I had when I was sick with Lyme. My appetite was slow at coming back but eating several small meals a day was rewarding and my appetite came back soon enough.

Yes, you could have set backs during recovery. Not meaning that Lyme will come back but you have to remember you are helping your body replace nutrients and taking herbs to help your body heal. So it’s a day to day struggle to make sure you are taking the right herbs combination. One day you may wake up irritable and not need certain herbs that you needed a few days earlier so you have to work with the information and cut out anything that could be causing problems.

After curing Lyme disease, I was still on about 30 herbs a day but within 3 weeks I was down to about 11 herbs a day. Some days I may need something different so pay attention to how you feel and how recovery is going.


 Chapter 23

Genetic Markers,

Why Lyme Is Misdiagnosed

and Lyme Related Diseases

Lyme Disease and tick borne illnesses duplicate a person’s cells and hide duplicating your DNA and can be in any part of your body/organs and blood stream. Lyme related Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Alzheimer, and so many other Lyme related disease….

Here is the explanation. Lyme disease and the brain. This goes back to explaining about spirochetes and how the disease effects your brain.  The Spirochetes (meaning -of slender spirally undulating bacteria including those causing syphilis and Lyme disease “) is what causes the damage and coinfections to become uncontrollable through normal antibiotics and also causes Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s and 100’s of other diseases to become aggravated and attacking it making the disease appear to be the Parkinson’s or XXX disease itself. Therefore, this leads doctors to misdiagnose Lyme and Lyme related disease in about 70-90% of the time in chronic patients. And because the spirochetes damage the brain beyond repair in Syphilis patients if it’s left untreated it’s led the medical industry to believe that Lyme Spirochetes left untreated cannot be cured either. When in fact if it is Lyme Spirochetes, it can be treated in chronic, late or antibiotic resistant strains of Lyme disease, rocky mountain fever and any other tick-borne illness with my treatment protocol. Oh and just a quick note, syphilis is in the list of Lyme related Diseases I have shared in this chapter.

I have had 100’s if not 1000’s of people from out of state contact me over RMSF/Lyme related secondary sicknesses like Lyme related Parkinson’s disease so I decided to add this to my book.

If you have a gene marker or possibly of developing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, fibromyalgia, even MS you can develop Lyme related XXXX disease because the RMSF/Lyme disease attacks the weakest part of your body as the disease progresses, but curing the disease will also reverse the symptoms as you go.

Lyme disease can be passed from mother to child in the womb while you are pregnant, which can possibly lead to birth defects. Lyme disease can possibly cause birth defects like autism, downs syndrome, possibly cerebral palsy, etc. This has not been proven yet but every friend I have that has been bitten by a deer tick which carries Lyme disease that has had a child or more children, their children are diagnosed with one or more of these disabilities.

More Lyme related Diseases –.

Over 300 medical conditions related to Lyme. If you would like to research these diseases, please go to Nutramedix and diseases associated with Lyme disease. Please take the time to research the Nutramedix information, you may be shocked at what you find.

As for myself, Lyme Disease attacked my gene markers and I was showing signs and symptoms of the following.

Lyme related Alzheimer’s Disease 7 out of 10 patient showed Lyme related Alzheimer

Lyme related Parkinson’s one doctor, Dr. Sponaugle reverses Parkinson’s in patient with Lyme Disease, you can find the video on YouTube.

Lyme related Multiple Sclerosis

 How do I Know this? I was tested after I was cured to prove I had these gene markers.

 I have also researched a few diseases for individuals before finding the list above

Lyme and Autism connection- usually the mother or father have had Lyme Disease at one point or another.

In one study I read showed 7 out of 10 moms of autistic children had Lyme Disease. Most were misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, depression, MS, or are never diagnosed at all. Once the Autistic children were treated for Lyme disease they show improvement.

Lyme and ADHD connection-also usually mother or father have had Lyme Disease at one point or another.

Lyme related ALS- Study shows 9 out 0f 10 patients with Lyme bacteria.


Chapter 24

Why Clinics May Not Be Useful

First of all, I will take a moment to say that many patients have spent more on trying to treat Lyme and are bounced from clinic to clinic in which the doctors and Naturopathic Doctor treat them with herbs These clinics are claiming to treat Lyme patients and most patients only get better for a short time. The cost is unreal, these clinics do not accept insurance and you should be cured with the money you spend. I haven’t spoken to a patient that has not had a relapse and when they relapse they just fall deeper into a sickness and some can’t find their way out of.

Many of the patients I speak to realize that parasites are killing them, and these facilities knew and only gave them a simple herb regimen! YOU CAN NOT treat liver flukes and human parasites with a few weeks of herbs, or even months of herbs. You need Albendazole or another medication from CDC.

Yes, herbal is the way to go until you are talking about parasites, or yeast, liver flukes etc. It takes years to treat them with the right herb combination if you’re lucky enough to follow through for 5+ years, most never get rid of them completely and only 3 days with Albendazole will kill and rid them from your body if you detox correctly. At most you may have to treat a second time in a few weeks. Passing a dime size liver fluke is no joke people.

So in my opinion, since all these clinics actually do is tell you which herb to take or give you a month’s course of antibiotics and charge you out the ass for visits, they are a waste of time and money which you could be using the funds and follow my protocol and actually heal yourself.

For example, there is a clinic 3 hours from where I live that charges $450 for your first visit and $350 each additional visit. Another clinic I researched was a minimum of $5000 and that did not include room and board or the cost of food. The last clinic I researched was in another country and the cost was well over $10,000 – $20,000 and you had to be there for a certain amount of time leaving your life, family, and friends behind which are so very important to have while you are going through the healing part of Lyme disease.

If you follow my protocol, I estimated it costing $2500 at the most that is if you have to buy the cannabis yourself. If you add what I talk about in my next chapter, “Life Resident Intelligence System” you are out about $2500 more, but this isn’t a must, it just speeds up recovery. Please read more about this in my next chapter.


 Chapter 25

Exercise and Physical Therapy

If it’s possible during treatment, you need to try to make yourself sweat a little each day. An easy way to do this, is by using a small rebound trampoline for about 5 minutes a day. If you are unable to do this before treatment is over, it is important to do later to get you lymphatic system working better. The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system and is vital part of the immune system and your overall well-being. The Lymphatic vessels carry a vital fluid called Lymph towards the heart.

Sweating also helps rid your body of lingering toxins once you have finished treatment. If you wake up sweating each night, don’t be alarmed. This is your body detoxing while you rest. I personally have a clean set of sheets laid out daily. Even though I am Lyme free, my body was still healing and detoxing, up to 6 months after.

Many patients have been sick a very long time. Even a year or two can cause you to lose muscle mass and feel weak. So work yourself up slowly and start with 15 minute walks or hikes about 3 days a week. If you can’t do 15 minutes, it’s ok, do only what your body allows you to do at first. Always work at your own pace, do not push yourself during early stages of treatment and recovery. Doing cardio is very important for your health and recovery. Once you are able to work yourself up to a 15-minute mile, you can add another 15 minutes for a 2 mile cardio workout.

If you decide to try the gym and weights, start with very low weight limits. Less than 5 lbs. You don’t want to exhaust yourself in the beginning. I started with 3 lb. weight for my arms and 10 lb. weight for my legs and slowly worked myself up. Don’t rush it, remember how long it took to heal and you definitely don’t want to feel sick from stressing yourself too hard, too fast.

As always stay hydrated and keep your electrolyte’s in check.


Chapter 26

Lyme and Chlamydia/ Trichomonas

“Like” Organisms 

Research has shown that ticks can carry organisms that look and act like Chlamydia or Trichomonas. This is very aggravating because I have literally dealt with 7 doctors that refuse to treat me with Flagyl. Left untreated the bacteria or should I say protozoa can cause problems with Kidneys, Bladder, and Urethra (in men) and Vagina (sometimes mistaken for candida in both men and women).  You may also experience exhaustion or fatigue over time as they duplicate and eventually throbbing or pulsating in your back or in a localized area. Please do not worry these are treatable and much easier than the rest of the infection. The dose is 2000g (4 x 500 mg in 1 dose). Some people treat first time initially and follow with 6 days on 500 mg in am and 500 mg in pm. I do not recommend anything more than the 2000g dose. Be sure to stay home because this dose will make you sick and not feel so great. You can read more at the following link.


Chapter 27

Lyme as a Whole

Before I begin; if your doctor tells you have Lyme or any tick borne illness and you decide to try the antibiotics, please be ready. You will not believe the co-infections and how aggressive Chronic Lyme Disease becomes after you start antibiotic treatment. Don’t be surprised if you end up having to follow a more Holistic approach.

In my opinion Doctors and researchers have been looking at this disease the wrong way. They are more concerned about naming a new co-infection or problem, they miss the big picture and what is right in front of them. Yes, the disease is nasty and aggressive but so is a lot of other diseases, especially cancer. But, yet, cancer, usually requires chemo and radiation; this disease hasn’t been treated with either, which is a really great thing because both are so damaging to the immune system.

When I realized I would die if I kept taking antibiotics I stepped back and realized this disease acted more like a cancer. Cancers progress during treatment but has been proven time and time again to have one common enemy.  Cannabinoid. And Yes it has been proven time and time again to cure cancer.

The first research was covered up in the 70’s when a story aired on a radio station about cannabis curing cancer.  And then again when Rick Simpson (my hero) proved it once again.  So I took a leap of faith and was able to prove it will and has completely cured Chronic Lyme Disease. And the good news is, it didn’t take years to cure like articles and doctors mention. Within only a few weeks I was showing signs of improvement and around the 6th week of high doses of cannabis oil I was completely Lyme free. I still needed time for my body to heal but the healing part is the easiest part.

So if anyone is suffering or has been suffering for many years please read my protocol and decide for yourself. Most patients will improve and have a full recovery on 1-4 months if you attack the disease as aggressively as it attacks you. My prayers go out for anyone suffering with this disease.

here are some pics with symptoms and explanations

After starting treatment (and during treatment) detoxing is crucial. Some take clindamycin (spelling) antibiotic for this but I didn’t and would dry them with a “no no” laser. This is usually signs your liver is not detoxing fast enough but if they continue to come back after healing you may need to have gallbladder checked, HIDA scan. My HIDA scan showed 33-37% function and as soon as it was removed  later.

after treatment spots

Below is pictures of rashes and sensitivities from Lyme or parasites, also could be caused by medication. In my case I didn’t know until much later that these rashes would come and go from parasites causing allergies or sensitivity to foods (up to 12 to 24 hours after consuming certain foods). Very difficult to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat until you know for sure. Doctors said alpha-gal but this was signs of parasites the whole time and I didn’t know until the end of treatment. Treating for parasites will help this go away.

Allergy scratch test

At the end of 2014 I had allergy scratch test, Below. 2 minutes into scratch allergy test I had reaction to everything due to Lyme and parasites, after I finished my protocol, no more allergies or symptoms.

scratch test

Starting treatment with antibiotics is when I first saw the rash of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/Lyme beginning 2015. This rash covered my whole body and didn’t go away until I treated with cannabis oil and parasites.

more rash pics


 Chapter 28

Lyme Related Diseases


 List of Conditions

The following 365 medical conditions are linked to Lyme disease (Borreliosis) either by cause or association. The list only includes medical conditions appearing in articles published in a medical journal. Click on the condition to view information on the article.


Abdominal pseudo-eventration
Abdominal wall weakness
Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (ACA)
Acute Acral Ischemia
Acute conduction disorders
Acute coronary syndrome
Acute exogenous psychosis
Acute febrile illness
Acute hemiparesis
Acute ischaemic pontine stroke

Acute meningitis
Acute myelo-meningo-radiculitis
Acute myelitis
Acute pediatric monoarticular arthritis

Acute peripheral facial palsy
Acute perimyocarditis
Acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (APMPPE)
Acute pyogenic arthritis
Acute reversible diffuse conduction system disease
Acute septic arthritis
Acute severe encephalitis

Acute transitory auriculoventricular block
Acute transverse myelitis
Acute urinary retention
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Allergic conditions
Allergic conjunctivitis
Alzheimer’s Disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
Anorexia nervosa
Anterior optic neuropathy
Antepartum fever
Asymmetrical hearing loss
Ataxic sensory neuropathy
Atraumatic spontaneous hemarthrosis
Atrioventricular block
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Back pain without radiculitis
Bannwarth’s Syndrome

Behcet’s disease
Bell’s Palsy
Benign cutaneous lymphocytoma
Benign lymphocytic infiltration (Jessner-Kanof)
Bilateral acute confluent disseminated choroiditis
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome
Bilateral facial nerve palsy
Bilateral follicular conjunctivitis
Bilateral keratitis
Bilateral papilloedema
Bilateral retrobulbar optic neuritis
Biphasic meningoencephalitis
Bipolar Disorder
Brain Tumor
Brainstem tumor
Brown recluse spider bite
Brown-Sequard syndrome


Cardiac apoptosis
Cardiac Disease

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Catatonic syndrome
Cauda equina syndrome
Central vestibular syndrome
Cerebellar ataxia
Cerebral atrophy
Cerebro-vascular disease
Cervical facet syndrome
Cheilitis granulomatosa
Chiasmal optic neuritis
Chronic encephalomyelitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic muscle weakness
Chronic urticaria
Cerebellar ataxia
Cogan’s syndrome
Complete flaccid paraplegia
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Concomitant neuroretinitis
Conduction disorder
Conus medullaris syndrome
Coronary aneurysm
Cortical blindness
Cranial Neuritis
Cranial polyneuritis
Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma
Cutaneous marginal-zone B-cell lymphoma
Cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma (SALT)



Demyelinating disorders
Diaphragmatic paralysis
Diffuse fasciitis
Dilated cardiomyopathy
Disseminated choroiditis
Dorsal epiduritis


Endogenous paranoid-hallucinatory syndrome
Eosinophilic fasciitis (Shulman syndrome)
Epileptic crises
Epstein Barr
Erythema chronicum migrans
Exanthema (local and generalized)
Extrapyramidal disorders


Facial diplegia
Fascicular tachycardia
Fatal adult respiratory distress syndrome
Fetal death
Focal nodular myositis
Frontotemporal atrophy


Generalised motor neuron disease
Geniculate neuralgia
Giant cell arteritis
Granuloma annulare
Guillain-Barré Syndrome


HLA-B27 negative sacroiliitis
Hallucinations (Painful)
Headaches (severe)

Hearing loss
Heart block
Hemophagocytic syndrome
Hepatic disorders
Herniated discs
Holmes-Adie syndrome
Horner’s syndrome
Human necrotizing splenitis



Idiopathic atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini (IAPP)
Idiopathic facial paralysis
Infarction pain
Impaired Brainstem response
Infantile sclero-atrophic lichen
Infectious Mononucleosis
Infiltrating lymphadenosis benigna cutis
Inflammatory cerebrospinal fluid syndrome
Inflammatory choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM)
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia
Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis
Intracerebral haemorrhage
Intracranial aneurysm
Intracranial hypertension
Intracranial mass lesions
Intrauterine growth retardation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Isolated acute myocarditis
Isolated lymphadenopathy
Isolated neuritis of the sciatic nerve
Isolated oculomotor nerve paralysis
Isolated posterior cord syndrome


Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis




Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy
Left sided sudden hemiparesis
Leukemic meningeosis
Lichen sclerosus

Livedo racemosa
Lofgren’s syndrome
Lumboabdominal pain
Lymphadenosis benigna cutis
Lymphocytoma cutis
Lymphocytic meningitis
Lumboradicular syndrome


Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome

Memory impairment
Meningeal lymphoma
Mesangioproliferative IgA-nephritis
Monolateral chorioretinitis
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome (MAS)
Morning glory syndrome
Motor neuron syndrome
Motoric disturbations
Multiple mononeuropathy
Multiple mononeuropathy and inflammatory syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Musical hallucinations
Myofascial pain syndrome


Necrotizing granulomatous hepatitis
Neonatal respiratory distress

Nodular panniculitis
Normal-pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)
Oculomotor paralysis

Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome
Nodular fasciitis
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma


Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Ocular flutter

Optic atrophy
Optic disk edema
Orbital myositis
Organic mood syndrome
Optic nerve lesion
Otoneurological Disorders


Paralysis of abdominal muscles
Paralytic strabismus

Paraneoplastic polyneuropathy
Pars plana vitrectopy
Parry-Romberg syndrome

Parsonage and Turner syndrome
Patellar tendon rupture

Peripheral facial palsy
Peripheral neuropathy
Peripheral vascular disorder

Persistent atrioventricular block
Pigment epitheliitis
Pityriasis rosea
Pleural effusion

Polymyalgia rheumatica
Polyneuritis cranialis

Polysymptomatic autoimmune disorder
Popliteal cyst
Posterior scleritis
Postganglionic Horner syndrome

Primary lymphoma of the nervous system
Primary effusion lymphoma

Presenile dementia
Progressive cerebral infarction
Progressive facial hemiatrophy (Parry-Romberg syndrome)
Progressive stroke
Progressive supranuclear paralysis
Prolonged pyrexia
Propriospinal myoclonus
Pseudo-sepsis of the hip

Pseudo tumor Cerebrae
Pseudoneoplastic weight loss
Psychosomatic disorders



Ramsay Hunt syndrome (pleocytosis)
Raynaud’s syndrome
Recurrent paralysis

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
Reiter’s Syndrome
Respiratory failure
Restless legs syndrome
Retinal pigment epithelium detachment
Retinal vasculitis
Reversible dementia
Rheumatic Fever
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ruptured Baker cysts
Ruptured synovial cysts


Sacro-iliitis infection
SAPHO syndrome
Schoenlein-Henoch purpura
Secondary syphilis
Seizure Disorders
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Septal panniculitis
Septic arthritis
Seventh nerve paralysis
Sick sinus syndrome
Silent thalamic lesion
Somatic delusions

Spontaneous brain hemorrhage
Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Stiff-man syndrome
Still’s disease
Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
Subacute multiple-site osteomyelitis
Subacute organic psychosyndrome
Subacute multiple-site osteomyelitis
Subacute presenile dementia
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Sudden deafness
Sudden hemiparesis

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Sudeck’s atrophy

Symmetric Polyarthritis


Temporal arteritis
Temporomandibular joint syndrome
Thrombocytopenic purpura

Tourette’s syndrome

Transient Ischemic Attack
Transient left ventricular dysfunction
Transient synovitis
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Trigeminal palsy


Unilateral interstitial keratitis
Unilateral papillitis


Vasculitic neuropathy
Vasculitic mononeuritis multiplex
Ventricular asystole
Vestibular neuronitis
Vitreous clouding
Vomiting (persistent)


Wegener’s granulomatosis

An article entitled Hidden Plague. Forget about SARS. Lyme disease is spreading steadily, and some experts say it can elude the standard cure was published in People Magazine on June 16, 2003. The article tells the story of a patient suffering from Lyme disease who was misdiagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), an incurable disease that is fatal within 5 years of onset. Dr. Whitaker states that nearly every patient she has tested who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease has tested positive for Borrelia. Professor Luis Romero, MD, PhD reports three patients that had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease years ago to be 99% reversed using Pentacyclic Alkaloid Chemotype Uncaria tomentosa.

There are over 300 diseases related to Lyme Disease so I urge everyone, to do your homework. The research is out there you just have to find it.

I decided to go ahead and list the article, hope it helps. Here is the link so you can see for yourself. This is not in my book but needs to be listed. You can skip this if you want because it long, just scroll to chapter 5

A Disease Frequently Misdiagnosed

Katrina Tang, M.D., HMD, founder and Director of Research at the Sierra Integrative Medicine Clinic in Reno, Nevada, states that Lyme disease eludes many doctors because of its ability to mimic many other diseases. According to an informal study conducted by the American Lyme disease Alliance (ALDA), most patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are actually suffering from Lyme disease. In a study of 31 patients diagnosed with CFS, 28 patients, or 90.3%, were found to be ill as a result of Lyme.

Dr. Paul Fink, past president of the American Psychiatric Association, has acknowledged that Lyme disease can contribute to every psychiatric disorder in the Diagnostic Symptoms Manual IV (DSM-IV). This manual is used to diagnose psychiatric conditions such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), antisocial personality, panic attacks, anorexia nervosa, autism and Aspergers syndrome (a form of autism) to name a few.


Chapter 29

Links and More info

Also I am happy to share that as of May 4th Alabama Governor signed cannabis oil bill for our state. Here is the link if you are from Alabama.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me by leaving a message, I try to check back as I can.

Types of ticks and symptoms can be researched here…

Parasite Lab

Full GI test link

Parasite Medication Liquid Albendazole link

 Cannabidiol ‘boosts bone healing’

Fast facts about cannabinoid receptors

  • Cannabinoid receptors are activated by a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the body called anandamide
  • THC mimics the actions of anandamide and binds with cannabinoid receptors
  • When THC binds with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, it interferes with short-term memory, coordination, learning and problem-solving.

In the new study, published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Dr. Gabet’s team examined the effect of CBD on rats with mid-femoral fractures.

One group of rats was injected with CBD, and another with a combination of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main psychoactive component of marijuana.

The team reports that CBD alone was associated with a “markedly enhanced” healing process in the femora after 8 weeks. Dr. Gabet says of the results:

“We found that CBD alone makes bones stronger during healing, enhancing the maturation of the collagenous matrix, which provides the basis for new mineralization of bone tissue. After being treated with CBD, the healed bone will be harder to break in the future.”

As other studies have shown CBD to be safe, Dr. Gabet says that researchers “should continue this line of study in clinical trials to assess its usefulness in improving human fracture healing.”

Despite concerns that the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes would see an increase in usage of the drug for recreational purposes, a recent study in The Lancet Psychiatry found that – among adolescents – this has not been the case.


Chapter 30

Cannabis Dosage For Cancer

 Any strain of cannabis will work but Crown Royal (hybrid between Northern Lights and Skunk or Blueberry is what is considered main medical grade to most)

I personally used the cheapest around because most of the time people don’t even know the strain they are getting, just look for skunk or dirt weed.

Recommended dosage for both cancer and other illness

60 ml of CO over 12 weeks, or 3 months. I done it in 6-8 weeks.

1 tsp = 5 ml this will be enough to get you started.

Start with a drop the size of grain of dried rice or ½ the size of grain of dried rice. Try to take a drop as often as every two hours or as often as you can. Remember you need to work your dose up over a 2-week time frame to treat and kill the bacteria.  On first day I would take double dose at night if you feel comfortable doing so.  You need to work yourself up to ½ tsp a day over 4 doses. To ¼ of ½ tsp daily or more. (I took ¼ tsp which is a full blank capsule every 6 to 8 hours myself, I wasn’t taking any chances) 

Once you work your dose up, at night try to take more to help you rest, hopefully it will help you sleep anyway. You can’t overdose, if you take too much you will just be spacey and probably sleep or watch TV, read a book, I read the same book twice on the high dose I was on. Don’t worry if you take too much too quick as it takes about 5 hours to wear off sometimes longer. 

Give it time to work, within a week or two hopefully you will notice your healing, maybe sooner. You know your symptoms, maybe keep a journal or notes or text yourself so you remember how you felt one day verses next day. I would take it 6-8 weeks at the minimum, usually studies are done over a 2-3-month time frame. 


The rest of this I did not write and am adding links so you can search for yourself, but due to the fact a lot of people asking for printed copies of this book do not use the internet I am adding it for them.


Here is the dosage info Rick Simpson says to take for cancer.  Taken Straight from his site.


It usually takes the average person about 90 days to ingest the full 60 gram or 60 ml oil treatment. I suggest that people start with three doses per day, about the size of a half a grain of short grained dry rice. The patient should take this dosage every 8 hours, early in the morning, then again in the afternoon and then they should take their final dose of the day, about an hour before bedtime. It should also be noted that as a patient begins to ingest this oil, the patient does not normally feel the oils effects until about an hour after they have taken their dosage, so please be aware of this fact. A beginner’s dose such as I am describing would equal about ¼ of a drop.

After four days at this dosage which should be taken three times a day, most people are then able to increase their doses by doubling the amount of their dosage every four days. By following this simple procedure, many patients have reported that they felt that they had not experienced the high, which this oil can cause. But in truth no two of us are the same and we all have different tolerances, so some will be able to up their dosages more quickly than others. In reality, even if one does become what is commonly referred to as being high this will not harm them in any way, if the oil they are ingesting was produced from the sedative strains of Indica, which I recommend and the resulting oil was produced in the proper way.

It takes the average person anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to get to the point where they can ingest 1 gram or 1 ml per day. Once they reach this dosage they can continue at this rate until their medical issues are brought under control. This means that after the patient has become accustomed to the oils use, each dose they are ingesting will equal 8 to 9 drops every 8 hours and in many cases, I have seen patients that have had no trouble ingesting even far more. It takes a dosage roughly the size of two grains of short grained dry rice to equal one drop, so once the patient has become accustomed to the oils use they are actually ingesting doses which equal 16 to 18 grains of rice per dose.

In some cases, I have even seen patients who had no fear of this medication, ingest the full 60-gram treatment in one month and after doing so, many of them were declared to be cancer free.
By using the method which I am describing, it allows your body time to build up a tolerance for this medication slowly and once the patient becomes accustomed to the oils effects, most patients actually report that they enjoy taking it.

We all have different tolerances for any medication and your size or body weight has little to do with your tolerance for hemp oil and even children can take the same dosage as adults, with no detrimental effects.



Be aware when commencing treatment with hemp oil that it will lower your blood pressure, so if you are currently taking blood pressure medication, it is very likely that you will no longer require its use. Often patient’s will try to continue using their blood pressure medication, but if it is taken along with the oil their combined effect, can bring the patient’s blood pressure down too uncomfortable levels.  It’s a good idea for those beginning treatment with the oil, to check their blood pressure often and then reduce their intake of other blood pressure medications as their blood pressure levels reduce. In the event that a patient is already suffering with low blood pressure, I have had reports from people who have this condition and they stated that simply drinking some water when they began to feel uncomfortable did help to some degree. Those who have low blood pressure, may in some cases find it necessary to ingest even smaller doses of this medication and to increase their dosages accordingly. But since this medication really does not present a danger, I think that their bodies will adjust to the oils effects in a short time, after which they should experience little or no difficulty with its use.

Diabetics should also be aware that they will usually find that their need for insulin will be reduced and it may even decrease to the point, where they will no longer require its use at all and the same goes for most other pharmaceuticals as well. Diabetics are diagnosed with type1 or type 2 diabetes and no matter what type you suffer from, it is still beneficial to use this oil because not only will it decrease your need for insulin, it will also protect your body from all the other harm this disease can cause.


Many people today are suggesting that patients should be placing the dosage they are ingesting under their tongue, or they should be sticking their dosage to their gums, which is now known as tacking. Although methods such as this can get the medicinal cannabinoids into the patient’s body, I really do not agree with these methods because oils can often have a bad taste that can linger in the mouth for quite some time. I feel that by simply placing the dosage in the patient’s mouth, would have benefits for those who have gum infections and problems of this nature, but in most cases I believe that their dosage should just be swallowed. The proper oil is a thick grease like substance, so when I ingest my dosage I simply put it on my finger and then place it on my teeth, after which I drink cold water and then use my tongue to remove it from my teeth and then I swallow. By using this method, I can usually take my dosages without hardly tasting the oil at all and I think that most patients would prefer to do the same, but there are also other simple methods which can be used to avoid the bad taste.

The patient’s dosage can be placed on a small piece of bread and the bread can then be folded over to cover the dosage and then it can be placed in the patient’s mouth and swallowed much like a pill with water. Another good method to avoid the taste, is to place the dosage between two thin slices of fruit such as bananas and then place it in the patient’s mouth so it can be swallowed as well. If the oil is produced properly, often it really does not have an unpleasant taste that will linger, but the simple methods I have described should help patients ingest their dosages more easily. The name of the game, is to simply get the oil into the patient’s body in the easiest and most pleasant way possible, so I think following the methods I have described should be given serious consideration.


For quite some time now, many people have been showing an interest in using this medication in suppository form, because they think that by doing so they can avoid becoming high and for some, this might be somewhat true. I have used this oil in suppository form myself, but when I took quite a large dose in this manner I cannot say that I did not feel its effects. I actually think that in some cases using suppositories is a very good idea, since I believe the oil should be placed as close as possible, to the medical problem which is being treated.

Therefore, for someone who is suffering with something such as prostate or bowel cancer, I believe that it could be more beneficial for their medical problems, to use the oil in this manner.

But still, I have seen many patients with these same medical disorders, heal themselves by simply ingesting their dosages by mouth, so I will leave the method you wish to use up to you.

When the oil is used as a suppository, the medicinal cannabinoids this oil contains go directly into the blood stream by passing the liver.

But for those who are suffering with such things as stomach or liver cancer etc. I believe that it would be more beneficial to ingest the oil by mouth. If you intend to use suppositories to treat your medical problems, then the suppositories should contain the same amount of oil, you would normally ingest by mouth and the dosage should be increased in the same manner.

Suppositories are fairly simple to prepare, but one should be careful about how much oil they contain, so in the beginning it may take some effort on your part to get the dosage right. Usually drug stores will supply suppository molds and all you have to do, is use a substance such as shay butter and then apply heat until it becomes a liquid, at which point you can add the oil and then fill the molds. It’s a good idea to put the molds after being filled in a refrigerator, to allow the substance they now contain to harden up and after doing so, the suppositories are then ready for use. In addition, drug stores can usually supply empty gel caps and the patient’s dosage can be put into the gel caps and then used as a suppository or can be taken by mouth, the gel cap will then disintegrate leaving the oil where you need it to be placed.

As I stated I do think that suppositories do have their uses, but I find this method to be quite time consuming and one must be careful about the amount of oil being added, so I still prefer to take my doses by mouth.

It should also be mentioned that this oil has many anti-aging qualities and it can also rejuvenate vital organs. So don’t be surprised if the patient who is using it, begins to look a bit younger and any other problems they were having with their kidneys or other vital organs could simply disappear as well.

When people are ingesting the oil, I like to see them stay within their comfort zone, but the truth is, the faster you take the oil the better your chance of surviving, if you are suffering from a serious condition such as cancer.



At the end of their treatment most people continue taking the oil, but at a much reduced rate. About 1 to 2 grams a month would be a good maintenance dose, just a drop or two at night before bedtime is all that is generally required to maintain good health. Often I am asked if this oil must be taken with food, but from my experience it seems to make little difference, so I will leave that for the patient themselves to decide. I feel that there is little need in most cases for anyone to overdose on the oil, unless they actually have a life threatening condition such as stage 4 cancer, which is putting their life in danger and they wish to bring this disease under control more quickly. Even in cases like this, it is usually not necessary to take overdoses but if one chooses to, then I really have no problem with them taking the oil in excess. Since in reality, unlike many pharmaceutical medications which our medical systems supply, an overdose of hemp oil really does not do any harm and cannot bring about your death.

The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest, which plays a very important role in the healing process. Usually, within an hour or so after taking a dose, the oil is telling you to lay down and relax. Don’t try to fight the oils sleepy effects, just lay down and get comfortable, then allow the oil to give you the rest and relaxation you require to heal properly. The effects of the oil may cause your mind to wander a bit and often patients will be somewhat unsteady on their feet when they begin to use this medication. But as the patient builds up their tolerance, these effects will diminish quickly. Usually within 3 to 4 weeks, the daytime tiredness associated with this treatment after the patient takes their dosage just fades away, but the patient continues to sleep very well at night.

I also suggest that patients should not try to drive their cars, until they become more accustomed to the oils effects, after which they are then able to drive safely once more. Once you become used to the oils effects it does not impair your ability to drive in any way, because unlike alcohol and many pharmaceuticals, this oil does not impair your motor skills.



The only time I would recommend that people start out with larger doses, would be if their life was really in danger or to get them off addictive and dangerous pain medications, supplied by the medical system.

When patients begin the oil treatment and they have been using these addictive medications to alleviate the pain, they usually cut their pain medications in half and they will also probably find that they no longer require the use of most other pharmaceutical drugs as well. Many dangerous pain medications like hydro morphine are very addictive in nature and patients, will have a hard time ceasing their use due to the withdrawal symptoms they will suffer, because they have become badly addicted to these substances. The oil will allow patients who are ingesting it, to suffer much less withdrawal symptoms from the medications they were using and it can usually replace the use of these dangerous medications in 2 to 3 weeks and often even less time is required. The object is to ingest enough oil to reduce the pain and to help the patient, get off these dangerous medications as quickly as possible.

For the most part, pharmaceuticals are little more than toxins anyway and once the patient begins ingesting the oil, often the presence of these toxic drugs can begin to give them stomach problems. This is caused because the oil recognizes these chemicals and poisons for what they really are and the oil wants to expel them from the patient’s body. Once the patient stops ingesting these so- called drugs, their stomach problems will then just disappear and in most cases they will find that the only medication they really require is the oil. For those who are suffering from terminal cancer, the oil will either cure their cancer or in cases where it is too late to affect a cure, the oil will allow them to experience little or no pain and at least then they can die with dignity. Even if a patient has been given only a short time to live by the doctors, do not think of their situation as being hopeless, for very often the oil is still able to bring them back to a state of good health.

If the cancer cannot be reversed with the use of this oil, it is not unusual for the patient to live on for many month’s longer than expected and during that extra time the oil gives them, they often can experience a very good quality of life.



Hemp oil has a very high success rate in the treatment of all forms of cancer and now there is no shortage of testimonials available on the internet, from individuals who have used this oil successfully to do just that. But unfortunately, many people who came to me seeking help, had already been badly damaged from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments the medical system supplied. The damage such treatments can cause have a lasting effect and people who have suffered the effects of such treatments are the hardest to cure. But even those who have suffered all this horrible damage to their bodies, still have a good chance to make a full recovery, if they follow my instructions. When those who have been damaged from these so-called treatments ask for my advice, I tell them to ingest 180 grams or 180 ml’s of high quality oil, as quickly as they can and this will give them the best chance to survive.

The extra 120 grams or 120 ml’s that I advise them to ingest, is needed to undo all the damage that these horrible treatments have left behind in the patient’s body. Once the patient has become accustomed to the oils use, they should not encounter any problems ingesting 180 grams or 180 ml’s in 5 to 6 months and often they can even accomplish this much more quickly.

Medicine today is much more about money than it is about healing and this statement can be proved, by simply looking at the insane treatments that doctors tend to employ, in the treatment of serious conditions such as cancer. Both chemotherapy and radiation are well known to cause cancer, so in reality doctors are giving patients who are suffering from cancer, treatments which will cause the very disease they say they are trying to cure and often these horrible treatments, will help to spread the cancer to other parts of the patient’s body. It is true that these treatments can kill cancer cells, but while they are doing so they often kill the patient as well. Even if they do not kill the patient immediately, the effects from these treatments can allow the cancer to spread and in the end, this often brings about the patient’s demise.

Usually when these absurd treatments have failed the patient is said to have stage 4 cancer and at that point doctors tell the patient that there is nothing more that they can do to help and the patient is then sent home to die. But the doctors are usually happy to supply them, with vast amounts of dangerous and addictive pain killers until their death takes place. Because I expect that doctors only look at this, as being good for business. If all this does not sound like insanity to you, then what else could it be called and why do doctors employ the use of such things as CT and PET scans etc., when the radiation the patient is exposed to from these scans, can cause cancer as well?

In addition, from what I have learned it seems that most oncologists will not expose their bodies to the same treatments which they supply to us, if they were suffering from cancer themselves. So why do you suppose they would refuse these treatments themselves, when they seem to feel so free in providing the same treatments to us? Do you think that it could possibly have something to do with money and the fact that they already know the treatments they have been using do not work? It appears that our trusted doctors still have a great deal to learn about the art of healing, so if you are suffering from a serious condition such as cancer. I think that it would only be wise to put your faith in a natural medication, which has already been proven to work effectively and harmlessly.

If it sounds as though I have no faith in our current medical systems, to treat most serious conditions properly that would be quite correct and I don’t believe that anyone who is thinking rationally, could disagree with the statements I have made.

Properly produced hemp medicine is the greatest natural healer on this planet bar none. Once you experience what this medication can do, you will come to understand why both history and I call hemp medicine a cure all.


If you can acquire a small quantity of properly produced oil, it will definitely work to treat skin cancer effectively and usually it only takes a few grams of this oil to accomplish the task. Grow or purchase some good high quality bud from sleepy sedative strains of Indica, which have a THC content of 20% or more. Then take about 30 grams of this bud and produce the oil from it, following my instructions which I have made available on my website

It should also be mentioned that in the treatment of skin cancer, oils produced from Sativa strains can be used effectively as well, since when applied topically the patient does not experience its energizing effects.

This amount of starting material should produce 4 to 5 grams of high grade oil. Apply the oil to the skin cancer and cover it with a bandage, apply fresh oil and a new bandage every 3 or 4 days and the cancer should soon disappear. I always tell people to continue treatment until the cancer is gone, then they should continue to treat the area for about two more weeks just as if the cancer was still there, for this will eliminate any cancer cells which could still remain Doing this will ensure that all the cancer cells are dead and I have never seen a skin cancer return if my instructions are followed. If you’ve had skin cancer for quite some time and the cancer is well established, it may take some time to cure.

But usually even in quite severe cases the cancer will disappear in less than three weeks. In an extreme case it may take longer but if so, then just keep up the treatment until it is gone. Many people can cure their skin cancer in no time, but it all depends on your own rate of healing and how deeply embedded the cancer has become. One should also remember that I am not just talking about cancer here, apply this oil to a third degree burn and watch what happens, the burn heals painlessly in a very short time and leaves no scars. When one considers all the suffering that patients in burn units are put through, why is this simple herbal medication not available to burn victims? This is only the tip of the iceberg folks, for the simple truth is, if you have properly produced oils from the cannabis plant at your disposal, you will probably find that it is the most effective medication to treat any medical condition you can name. I do not call properly produced oils from different varieties of this plant, a cure all for no good reason and once the truth about its true healing powers become better known, I’m sure that everything I am now telling you will become common knowledge.



In my opinion, there is no better medicine to give to an animal. I treated my own dog with wonderful results.

It is a known fact that dogs have a much faster metabolism then humans. In many cases dogs heals so rapidly, that you can almost see it happening.

If you have the proper oil, I do not know of any treatment that is more effective to treat cancer in dogs or humans and usually dogs can be cured of this dreaded disease in a very short time.  Usually dogs only require a few grams of this oil to rid themselves of cancer, so if I were you I would get the dog on the oil as soon as possible.

When treating dogs internally with the oil there is very little to be concerned about, for if the oil was produced from strong medicinal strains of Indica they have a very sedative effect and even if you gave a dog far too much it would simply go to sleep, but once the dog awakened you will find that it has not been harmed.

The oil cannot cause harm to the dog even if you were to give the dog far too much, if you have the proper oil all it would do is cause the dog to sleep and when it awakens it will be unharmed.  If I were you I would start the treatment with two drops a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and then slightly increase the amount the dog is taking every four days until the dog is cured. As for treating the dog externally, all you have to do is apply the oil and cover it with a bandage and then apply more oil every three days, I hope this will answer your questions about treating this dog properly.

Dogs love to take the oil, but often cats can be somewhat indifferent so you may encounter some problems in getting the oil into the cat, so I would just try to mix a small amount of oil in with their food.  Animals heal very quickly when compared to humans and since the oil presents no danger, there is no need to worry about the oil harming your cat, even if you were to give the animal far too much.  I would start the cat off by giving it two doses a day twelve hours apart and I would give the cat about a half a drop per dose, then after four days at this dosage it can be raised to one drop per dose.  I think you will find that your cat will respond very quickly to this treatment and don’t be concerned if the animal sleeps a great deal, for this is the effect the oil is supposed to cause.  It usually takes only a small amount of oil to heal a cat and once the animal has ingested one or two grams, I think you will witness quite a dramatic improvement in the animal’s overall health.


When patients used to come to me for oil to treat their cancer, the first thing I told them to do is change their diets. Try to stay away from animal protein as much as possible, since animal protein can promote cancer cell growth. Get a juicing machine and start eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible, because plant protein fights the growth of cancer. Stop using sugar and replace its use with natural sweeteners like raw honey.

Get the patient’s PH up as quickly as possible, cancer likes an acidic environment and when you raise the body’s PH, it makes it very hard for cancer cells to survive, or to spread to other areas of the body. There are many simple things that will aid a patient in getting their PH up. I have found that lemon juice, watermelon and even baking soda, when mixed with water can raise a patients PH quite rapidly.

Also start eating the seeds from two or three apples every day, this will give you a good daily dose of B17 also known as laetrile. B17 in its own right has a pretty good track record in the treatment of cancer and there are other natural things, such as wheat grass that you may find of benefit as well.

Many people who have used the oil to treat their cancers did not change a thing, but the oil still worked its magic and they were healed. But if you have a serious condition like cancer I think that it’s a good idea to take other natural things that may help the oil eradicate the cancer as well and give you a better chance to survive. But the most important thing of all is, people have to realize that for the most part, what the medical system provides does much more harm than good. That is the reason I tell people who contact me, if they want to survive its best to stay as far away from the medical system as possible. That is the sad state of affairs, the medical system we have today is in and it will not change until people who work within this system, finally come to realize that chemicals and poisons do not heal.

As far as I’m concerned what most doctor’s today practice is madness and not medicine and I think that it is high time that they all wised up and begin to practice their profession properly. The practice of medicine is based upon the Hippocratic Oath, which doctors swear and are supposed to follow and this oath openly states, FIRST DO NO HARM and as a doctor I SHALL NOT ADMINISTER POISON. So just exactly what, do most doctors of today think that they are doing and why are so many of them refusing to follow their own sacred oath? I think the answer to this has become quite clear to many of us and if those who practice medicine, will not follow their own sacred oath, then they actually have no right to even call themselves doctors.




Chapter 31

Best Tick Repellant and Poisons

for Yard and Clothes

This will be the worst year for ticks and Lyme disease or Rocky mountain fever. If you are bitten make sure to take the tick in to be tested if u can, don’t remove tick on your own and wait for symptoms as many don’t developed symptoms for months or years. If you don’t have the time, make sure either way to convince your doctor to give u 6 weeks (no less) of doxycycline (100mg twice a day) most doctors will only try to give you 2 weeks or a month of it and months later you will have antibiotic resistant Lyme because it didn’t kill the bacteria and microorganisms in time. If you have Lyme and its past the 6-month mark here is the complete treatment/cure I used and it worked. Please be sure to read and don’t miss a step though. The disease is very aggressive and could kill you over time if not cause debilitating problems.


Also there is a way to keep them off of your clothes and property. You can buy Sawyer premium insect repellent for clothes. Watch the YouTube video on how to use it, just YouTube it. This applied to clothes will last 25-30 washes. Here is the link.


For the yard you will need Martin’s permethrin 10% this will treat alot of area even though it only 8oz. It is very concentrated and you can use a 10-20 gallon sprayer that attaches to a gator or something to treat your yard. We sprayed about 10 acres with 8 oz. You will need to retreat yards every couple months but the price for this isn’t much. Looking now it’s only 10.99+ shipping and tax Here is the link.


DO NOT DEPEND ON DEETS, ticks are immune to it.

The 2 above I believe can be ordered through Walmart but I couldn’t find it in stores.



Chapter 32

Chronic Lyme, Hormones,

Gallbladder and Appendix

Wow, almost 2 years and still going strong with a few hic-ups that were missed while I was sick in 2015.

I have been feeling great with a few days here and there that just didn’t feel right so I opted to go for testing. I couldn’t lose weight and was having a little discomfort on and off so I finally went to a few specialists. I am still Lyme free but this goes back to how much the doctors miss when you are sick and you are the only one who can convince a doctor to dig a little deeper.

Just a small issue but needs to be updated.

Lyme disease had destroyed my hormone levels (and they don’t just correct themselves over time, which I had hoped they would, and tried herbs without any good outcome) and I am on testosterone and estrogen now. I ended up finding a fertility doctor because my primary care doctor wouldn’t do in depth testing. The lab work showed < 3 testosterone and after being put on testosterone supplements I feel more energetic and more like myself. I also found out many of my symptoms had to do with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and was put on Metformin to help with that issue. read more about that clicking the following; Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)


I was having a difficult time getting vitamin D and Multi B with B12 back to normal range My Vitamin D fluctuates and it is now July 2017 and I am still taking 20,000 IU of vitamin D and getting as much sun as I can but it stays around 30 and needs to be higher, but at least it’s in a normal range compared to when I was sick with Lyme Disease. The B12 was just low and oral vitamins wouldn’t help so I am on an injection once a week. Very easy to do and painless, just ask for small needles. As for the injections I am currently using a veterinarian injection since it is the same and cheaper. Here is the link


Also it took almost a year to realize my gallbladder was failing (in normal but low range, the surgeon called it Biliary dyskinesia). My symptoms include hot flashes, excessive sweating when it was 66 degrees in my house, nausea, and flank pain which later went to upper right quadrant pain. It took me a few months to realize this wasn’t going away with herbal treatment so I saw a Digestive Disease Specialist and he ordered a HIDA scan the following day. The HIDA scan was in the lowest normal range, but my symptoms were so bad the DDS referred me to a surgeon who within 5 minutes of seeing test results opted to remove it the following day and I felt a lot better. This was December 2016, surgery for Christmas, yay me. lol. (If you have any abdominal surgery please be sure to wear a something to hold your midsection in so you don’t have as much pain or take a chance on getting a hernia. The abdominal work out belts worked great for me, the Velcro allowed me to adjust as needed and I used 2, one lower and one higher on abdomen. Here is definition to BD.

Biliary dyskinesia which is described in google search as “motility disorder that affects the gallbladder and sphincter of Oddi. The motility disorder of the gallbladder is called gallbladder dyskinesia. Patients with this condition present with biliary-type pain, and investigations show no evidence of gallstones in the gallbladder.”

Also not long after the gallbladder surgery, I did lose my appendix in April 2017. I went in to have ovarian cysts removed and the surgeon realized my appendix was curled up, basically from a previous infection that was treated with Cannabis oil. It wasn’t working and was doing more harm than good.

I believe both my gallbladder and appendix problems were due to over prescribed antibiotics, parasites and Lyme not being treated correctly before I found Cannabis Oil. Luckily I found Cannabis Oil before either completely stopped working while I was in severe health.

Therefore, if you aren’t 110% within a few months of treatment, have your hormones checked by a specialist, not just regular doctor, best to use a fertility specialist. If you have flank pain or upper or lower right side pain please see a Digestive Disease specialist for lab work and HIDA scan to have your gallbladder checked and request a surgeon to decide on surgery, especially if you feel something is wrong. You will need a CT with contrast to have your appendix checked unless your surgeon opts to take it out during gallbladder removal, both kinda go hand in hand and I wish my surgeon had taken both at once.  It was an accident my doctors found my appendix was curled up (necrotic, which means dead) and needed removal. I had ovarian cysts that had ruptured sending me to the Gynecologist and immediately to ER to have a CT scan and found I had 3 more that needed surgery and my doctor saw my appendix was necrotic.

I thought I had been lucky not to have lost both my appendix and gallbladder while I was sick but I had just caught the disease in time or doctors missed me needing the surgery while I was sick with Lyme.  I believe between the Lyme disease, over prescribed antibiotics and parasites the damage was done and treating the infection with Cannabis oil just bought me time, but both needed to be removed because damage couldn’t be reversed.